Friday, March 1, 2013

Remembering Andrew Breitbart Today

PPPS (Littleton)—Today we honor Andrew Breitbart, journalist and publisher, who spoke truth to power in a most confounding way (as perceived by the left), and who died on this day, one year ago.

Pundit Pete photo 2012

Pundit Pete got to meet Andrew at the BlogBash party in Washington, DC during the 2012 CPAC conference. It was just two weeks before Andrew died.

I confronted Andrew at the party (just after I took this photo) saying, "I want you to know that I resent the way you are always making liberals uncomfortable!"

Andrew, who at first was taken aback, thinking I was an Occupier who had infiltrated the BlogBash party, then smiled and responded "A line like that my friend, will get you remembered."

Andrew then spent some of his precious time listening and laughing at my story about debating David Axelrod at a Rockies game. That was just like Andrew, simultaneously talking, texting and tweeting, yet still finding the time and devoting his full attention to listening to another "journalist".

In so many ways, Andrew Breitbart has inspired bloggers and Tea Party members with the courage to confront the liberal media head on. In early 2009, I joined the Tea Party movement and started this blog to make fun of the media. I had not yet heard of Andrew Breitbart, but instinctively, in very small ways, I had started down the path that would one day lead to my meeting him.

When I eventually heard about Breitbart confronting, challenging and mocking the mainstream media, I was inspired to take this blog to the next level, to confront politicians on their own turf, and to find creative ways of conveying the conservative message.

Andrew Breitbart is everywhere on the pages of this blog, at the Bridge to Nowhere Tea Party, and at the opposition protests and gatherings, the political events, the baseball games, and even the press conferences, where we now have the courage speak up.

Thank you Andrew for your inspiration!
Here is Andrew's speech at CPAC 2012.

Update: March 2, 2013 - The video below really sums up why journalists at the Pundit Pete Press Service so admire Andrew Breitbart: he defined our mission.

Please view this short video. H/T to @Ramparts360 for tweeting about and posting on their website, and to Anna Zetchus Smith for taping Andrew at the Perry Bloggers Summit, Austin, TX (January 23, 2010) and posting the video on herYouTube Channel, UnspunWithAnnaZ.

Breitbart's Challenge to New Media: 
Destroy Those Who Would Destroy You

Anna Zetchus Smith
Anna Zetchus Smith

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