Sunday, January 11, 2015

JE SUIS CHARLIE - Colorado bridge message in support of France

Place de la République - Evgeny Feldman photo
PPPS (Littleton)—Millions of French citizens and several world leaders, rallied in Paris earlier today in defiance of Islamic terrorists.

Unfortunately, President Obama, was not among them.

Two community members of Littleton, Colorado, Citizen Caryn and Citizen Pete, sought to remedy that shameful absense in their own small way, by posting a message in solidarity with the French people on a local pedestrian bridge.


Message on Bridge to Nowhere posted 11-Jan-2015 (click to enlarge)
While they were on the bridge, they noticed a man taking several photos from the street. The man then came up on the bridge, and after apologizing for not knowing much English, simply said "Merci".

He turned out to be a French man named Tyler. 

Citizens Caryn and Pete said that one comment really made their day!

Update January 13, 2015: Our bridge message was covered by Colorado Peak Politics.

Update January 14, 2015:  

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  1. Good job! The fact that you showed more support for France than Obama and his admin is awesome. It is embarrassing he was absent in the Unity march.


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