Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Could Gaza Cease-Fire Lead to Two-State Solution?

PPPS (Cairo)—Could there finally be some encouraging news emerging out of the Middle East?

Based upon exclusive interviews with Arab diplomats by our own Middle East correspondent, Palestinian Pete, there appears to be a consensus forming that the recent cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas ending Israel's aggressive actions in Gaza could lead to a final two-state solution.

Thanks to the courageous efforts by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to broker the deal, there is now a possibility for a permanent peace agreement.

Palestinian Pete has learned that the Clinton/Morsi talks went well beyond the topic of a temporary cease-fire, and included the drawing up of permanent two-state boundaries.

Two-State Solution Proposed by Secretary Clinton

Through unnamed contacts closely involved in the negotiations Palestinian Pete was able to obtain near-final maps presented by negotiators on each side.

Two-State Solution Proposed by President Morsi

It is clear from an examination of the maps, that with only some minor boundary adjustments, a two-state solution is clearly possible.

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  1. You weren't very far off, Pete!


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