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PPPS (Littleton)—Some of our readers have complained that we have drifted from our mission to provide quality satire and have posted serious, and in some cases, truthful information on this blog.

Since we value our loyal readers and even some of their opinions, we at first explored the idea of posting a SERIOUS CONTENT WARNING on some of our posts, however, until that type of warning receives approval from Homeland Security officials, we decided to create this blog page with links to articles with serious content.

So for those of our readers who like that sort of thing, here are all of the articles which our ombudsman, Principled Pete, has deemed to contain material of a factual or otherwise redeeming nature. Enjoy.

New Voices on the Issues - Gun Control - January 19, 2013
In Honor of a True Leader of Character - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  - January 17, 2013


Blog Post Predicts Decline of 4th Estate - September 14, 2012

Clinton Speech on Libya Murders Omits the Word "Freedom" - September 12, 2012

A Prayer for the People of Aurora, Colorado - July 20, 2012 

On Mitt Romney and the NAACP - A Citizen Speaks - July 12, 2012 

Our Response to Today's Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare - June 28, 2012 

A Bit Of Hard Coal Facts to Compliment Romney's Visit to Craig, Colorado - May 30, 2012 

In Memoriam - Fort Logan National Cemetery, Denver - May 28, 2012 

The President Lied, Humor Died - Serious Commentary From Pundit Pete - May 26, 2012 

Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day Blogburst - May 25, 2012 

David Axelrod on FOX News Sunday Reminds Reader of Past Encounter - April 16, 2012 

Retro 2009 Tea Party Signs Spotted at Anti-Obamacare Rally - April 1, 2012 

"Cut Deficit in Half" Still Goal for New White House Budget - February 14, 2012   

CPAC 2012 - Day 2 - February 10, 2012  

Random Thoughts from CPAC 2012 -  February 9, 2012  

Caucus Results in Colorado - An Indicator of Change? - February 7, 2012    

In Honor of Dr. King - Let's Bury the Race Card - January 16, 2012   

Sign of the times, perhaps. - January 6, 2012   

Merry Christmas - December 18, 2011   

Commentary from Pundit Pete - A Sad Day for America - December 3, 2011   

Cain Sexual Harassment Scandal Embarrassing - For Media -November 1, 2011   

An Idea For Consideration in the 2012 Election - October 19, 2011   

Pundit Pete Opines on Politicians' Pathetic Performance - August 8, 2011   

A Bit of Tea Party History - Not Much Has Changed - August 2, 2011   

See the Documentary Film "The Undefeated" -  July 17, 2011   

A Pundit Pete Piece of History from 2008 - July 13, 2011   

Pundit Pete Weighs In On Palin E-mails - June 10, 2011   

MLK Day — One Day After - January 18, 2011   

Democratic Prospects in Today's Election - November 2, 2010

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  1. What are you thoughts on the Benghazi attack being planned by the white house to take our Ambassador hostage to trade for the Blind Sheik that bomb the trade center? It seems the folks over there whanted the Sheik released and the white house needed a trade to do it!!!


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