Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Night One - DNC Convention

PPPS (Milwaukee)—We asked our resident expert, Political-Beat Pete, to summarize the first night of the Democratic Party National Convention held virtually in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Recognizing that most of our readers are low-information voters and unlikely to watch the convention. Pete chose to simplify the Democrat Party message and juxtapose their positions against those of the Republican Party, in order to present our readers with a clear choice in November. Here is what he came up with. H/T to John Kasich for the idea.

Post comments on what choice you will make in November.

Keep it clean - Pious Pete will be monitoring.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Racism is garbage message on a mug.

 PPPS(Littleton)—A message on a mug is taking the country by surprise.

Our PPPS readers may recognize this message, created by loyal reader and sometimes contributor, Citizen Caryn. 

Caryn tells us you can buy this coffee mug and share with friends to help overcome both racism, and the race-card carrying industry. Plus, it makes people think. Pundit Pete has personally carried a sign with this message in Denver's annual MLK Day Parade, and everyone loves it.