Sunday, April 19, 2015

Could the Hillary Clinton Campaign Be Struggling?

PPPS (Littleton)—Here at the Pundit Pete Press Service 2016 Campaign Coverage Headquarters, we've observed that perhaps the Hillary Clinton campaign launch has not gone quite as well as was expected.

Could the constant mocking of her campaign logo be one cause?

Or could the endorsement of certain imprisoned world leaders be part of the problem?

Hillary Clinton and Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood

Maybe It's Time for a Woman President

PPPS (Nashua, NH)—With two potential woman candidates for president, we thought we would provide our readers a comparison.

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Update: May 4, 2015 Carly Fiorina Announcement video.

Fair and Balanced Update: Hillary Clinton Announcement Video.

WARNING: Viewing this video may result in spontaneous rioting and violence.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Five Questions for Hillary That the Press Would Never Ask

PPPS (Des Moines)—We have dispatched our chief political correspondent, Political-Beat Pete, to Iowa to cover the Hillary Clinton Campaign. Unfortunately, for some reason, he has been banned from being in any proximity to the candidate.

Therefore, Pete is providing this list of questions, in hopes that others in the Press Gaggle may find an opportunity to pose them to our future First Woman President, Hillary Clinton.
1.  Under the Obama administration, led by an admittedly black president, we have seen a deterioration in race relations in the U.S., and on occasion, open rioting and looting. Under your administration, which, as you admit, would be led by a Woman President, can we expect to see a deterioration in relations between men and women, and open rioting and looting by crazed feminists?
2.  In the 2012 movie Lincoln, about a president that I'm sure most candidates for that office would aspire to be like in many ways, a question was posed by the actor Tommy Lee Jones playing the character Thaddeous Stevens:  "You are a Democrat. What's the matter with you? Are you wicked?" How would you respond to that question?
3.  This question addresses your considerable experience in foreign affairs from your time as Secretary of State.  There appears to be an uptick in violence in the Middle East and in Muslim cities around the world, and ISIS has recently been on a rampage destroying World Heritage Sites, some of which are thousands of years old. Many are now blaming a recently released campaign announcement video.  Do you agree with that assessment, and should the producer of that video be put in jail?
4.  Once you have been inaugurated as our nation's first Woman President, can we expect some significant changes in White House decor; such as, removal of the painting of our 42nd President from view, and installing a permanent Reset Button on the desk in the Oval Office?
5.  Once in office, will you and your staff be using email addresses? Or will you have your own email server installed and protected by the Secret Service?

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Grateful Nation Anticipates Hillary's Historic Announcement

PPPS (New York)—With the email controversy  behind her, Democrat Frontrunner Hillary Clinton will make a formal announcement tomorrow that she is a candidate for President.

Ms. Clinton has indicated that she will make her announcement in a video released via social media, and it is predicted that millions of Americans will be maintaining a constant vigilance on their electronic devices.

To celebrate this historic event, we asked graphic artist, Pixel Pete, to create a campaign announcement which best reflects the anticipation being felt by voters around the nation.

SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATE: At the request of the Clinton Campaign, Twitter and Facebook will temporarily shut down most accounts linked to conservative and Tea Party groups on Sunday, in order to free up the necessary bandwidth for Hillary's video.

Pixel Pete says feel free to share this if it will help.
EXCLUSIVE SCOOP: Through contacts at the Clinton Campaign headquarters in New York, PPPS has obtained this exclusive pre-announcement copy of a campaign promotion which emphasizes two key campaign theme elements, Hillary's gender and her experience as Secretary of State. 

BENEVOLENT NOTE OF CAUTION: Shortly after this story was first posted, we received this curious cautionary note from a person who emphasized that they were enthusiastically supporting a woman candidate for president. It was just signed, "With love, Carly".