Saturday, February 26, 2022

Stories from CPAC 2022

PPPS (Orlando)--We've assigned several of our staff Petes to roam the halls of CPAC 2022 in Orlando and interview attendees and celebrities alike. Here are a few.

Stories from @cpac 2022.

Sitting in the Press Area for CPAC, the power went out for two rows of tables and the journalists started to panic.

Pundit Pete (aka Practical Pete) went out into hallway and found Foreman Mike Furey, a regular CPAC attendee and builder of border walls. He came in and immediately fixed our electrical problem.

Now if we can set him to work on our election integrity problem. THANKS MIKE!

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Commentary on Canada from a Progressive

PPPS (Boulder)—With our neighbor to the north shut down by traitorist trucker terrorists, and the Canadian Prime Minister finally taking appropriate action, we were surprised to see this commentary from our own staff member, Progressive Pete. 

Could the winds of change be blowing south?

Disclaimer: The Pundit Pete Press Service, it's staff and affiliates, do not condone violent horn blowing as a legitimate form of expression.