Bridge to Nowhere Tea Party

PPPS (Littleton)—The Pundit Pete Press Service, through the efforts of our undercover correspondent, Progressive Pete, and our protest correspondent, Protester Pete, has had exclusive access to the radical Colorado group, the Bridge to Nowhere Tea Party. 

In this section, we have compiled a complete history of the subversive activities of this mysterious organization, which operates in or near Littleton, Colorado.

Our expose includes materials and photos obtained from the group, as well as news stories, photographs and posts from PPPS and other news organizations.

As an introduction, we have attached this Mission Statement which our researchers found posted in FreedomConnector a networking tool used by many radicals in the Tea Party movement.

Mission of the Bridge to Nowhere Tea Party 

The Bridge to Nowhere Tea Party is dedicated to exposing government waste, educating the public about conservative principles of limited government and freedom, and inspiring other Tea Party groups to find creative ways to speak up.

Not to be confused with that famous (almost) bridge in Alaska, we have our own little Pedestrian Bridge to Nowhere in South Jefferson County, just west of Littleton, Colorado. It is the perfect example of government waste - local county government taping into federal funds to create a totally unecessary $3 million project. 

Everyone in our community thinks it's stupid - except for one group - the Bridge to Nowhere Tea Party thinks it's priceless. We see it as a giant billboard for posting Tea Party messages!  

So join our group and join the fun as we post creative Tea Party messages for all to see every few weeks.Or better yet, use our idea to inspire similar events, protests, creative messages and other Random Acts of Illustration in your own communities. 

Let's let people know the Tea Party is still alive. They can thank us later when our country has been saved from debt disaster and overeaching goverment.

To quote our friend, Patriot Pete, "They have awakened us. We will not give up and we will not go away.  We will stand firm until their power has passed."

News Articles and Posts About the Bridge to Nowhere Tea Party

Tea Party Not Dead - Rumor of Tea Party Protest In Colorado - November 22, 2011

Tea Party Finds Use for $3 Million Bridge to Nowhere - November 26, 2011

Citizen Pete Sends Something Priceless - November 26, 2011

Protest Groups to Reimburse County for Costs of Black Friday Bridge to Nowhere Event - November 29, 2011

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Merry Christmas - December 18, 2011

Interesting Press Release About Tea Party Protest in Colorado - February 18, 2012

Tea Party Group Posts Controversial Message on Bridge  - February 18, 2012

Rumor of Green Energy Project Protest in Colorado - March 9, 2012

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Green Energy Protest Highlights Overspending  - March 15, 2012 

Tea Party Group Posts Obamacare Message: Pelosi Not Pleased - March 26, 2012

Tea Party Group Connection Suspected in Latest Bridge Message - May 30, 2012

Tea Party May Still Be Active in Colorado - Thanking Wisconsin - June 9, 2012

Thanks Wisconsin Message Survives Wind - Tea Party Pleased - June 9, 2012

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Bridge to Nowhere Tea Party Members Endorse Lundberg for Congress - July 11, 2012

Original blog post got deleted - here is pic. (click to enlarge)

Message on the Bridge - Defund Obamacare - September 21, 2013


  1. We have a Bullet Train to Nowhere being built (when they get more money and when they buy the parcels of land and when they figure out how to drill a hole in the mountain range between - whatever the destinations might be if they ever find them.) I hope you will write about that sometime so I, as a Californian, can figure it out and maybe why the people in Sacramento are doing this to us.

  2. Elated to know about the tea party. Searched a lot for some pretty event locations last year and finally got one for our Christmas party. It was so much fun with friends. Cupcakes, dinner, drinks and lastly dance. Also got gifts from our santa friend. Will never forget that beautiful evening.


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