Saturday, January 27, 2018

PPPS Hires Fake News Director


In order to better compete with other major news organizations in the current news market, the Pundit Pete Press Service announced today the creation of a new staff position,  DIRECTOR OF FAKE NEWS.
Phony Pete, Fake News Director

After an exhaustive search and interviews with many, many talented and qualified journalists, PPPS is proud to announce the hiring of Phony Pete as our new Director of Fake News. 

Phony Pete hails from another news organization (which we shall not name) and claims to have been a Fake News Award winning  White House Correspondent, although for this type of position, resume credentials are always considered suspect.

Pete, did however, present numerous, verifiable, news story examples which clearly qualified as fake news - so many, in fact, that we gave up on reading them after the first 200 or so. Most, it turned out, had a common theme, criticism of the current president, a fake news meme that we can certainly get on board with, and a key element in maintaining market share.

Phony Pete, upon hearing of his selection for the Fake News Director position, was quoted as saying,
"I am so thrilled to accept this job with the Pundit Pete Press Service, the premier fake news organization in America. People don't realize the constant pressures involved with pretending to deliver "objective" news content. At PPPS, I will have the freedom to direct staff in genuine fake news reporting on a daily basis. I couldn't be happier."

Note:  Any image resemblance to a certain well-known journalist is purely coincidental and should be considered as "fake news".

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Some of FBI Text Messages Found

PPPS (Littleton)—Based upon a hunch, PPPS staff searched our own Editor-in-Chief, Pundit Pete's personal cell phone. We now believe we may have located at least some of the missing text messages from the five-month gap in the FBI records. As Pundit Pete finally admitted....

Monday, January 22, 2018

Picking Stock Winners In A Swamp-Draining Environment

PPPS (New York)—We asked our financial adviser, Prognosticator Pete, for some advise on picking stocks during the current unrest in government and "draining the swamp" environment taking hold in our nation's capitol. Here was his advice on a winning stock pick.

Note: PPPS does not endorse stock picks and is not responsible for any losses so incurred.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

An Important Milestone - One Year Later

PPPS (Littleton, CO)—Today marks the one-year anniversary of an important milestone in our nation's history. Some liken it to the point in time when the "oceans of misery began to recede". Others have said Armageddon was avoided on that day, and that the evidence is there, if people would only just "add up all the crumbs."

As reported by PPPS a year ago, Congress declared this day in 2017 to be a national holiday. 

We think that today should be celebrated each and every year going forward.

So, citizens of America, drop what you are doing for a minute, stand tall as proud Americans, and let out a collective "Yippee".

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Thoughts on Today's Women's March

PPPPS (Wasthington, DC)

BREAKING NEWS: #SchumerShutdown Begins

PPPS (Washington, DC)—After negotiations to continue funding federal deficit spending broke down in the Senate, the Democrats' shutdown of the federal government began at midnight this morning.

Because the Trump administration refuses to weaponize what is being referred to as the #SchumerShutdown, most Americans won't notice a thing. Our staff has summed it up nicely.

There are a few others, however who see the #SchumerShutdown in a more serious light - take this tweet for example:

We at PPPS, however, find it hard to believe that the much-admired Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (of #SchumerShutdown fame) of New York, and other Democrats in Congress, would EVER put any political maneuver or partisan politics above the interests of their fellow American citizens, the government services they may receive, the people who defend our nation, or the booming economy which is lifting millions out of poverty.

That thought is just too implausible to believe, the above tweet message not withstanding.


Historical Notes: PPPPS also covered a previous government shutdown in October, 2013 caused by evil Republicans, one Senator Ted Cruz in particular, in an attempt to defund the highly successful Affordable Care Act (sometimes referred to as Obamacare) before it could benefit millions and millions of Amercicans and transform our healthcare system for the better.

Following are some PPPS articles from that time:

Our own loyal reader, Citizen Pete, offered up an amendment in hopes of resolving the impasse. 

Citizen Offers Obamacare Amendment to Resolve Government Shutdown Crisis - October 4, 2013

Click to enlarge & view

Citizen Pete also offered an opinion, after his first attempt stop the shutdown failed.

End of the Obama Shutdown - A Citizen's Reflection and Plan of Action - October 17, 2013

And as a followup to the characterization that President Obama may have weaponized that October shutdown at the expense of our veterans, PPPS published this, along with a poignant photograph.

Will President Obama Be Able to Mend Fences With Veterans? - May 30, 2014

Friday, January 12, 2018

Advice for Democrats in 2018

PPPS (Washington, DC)—In light of the failure of Armageddon to ensue following the passage of the GOP Tax Reform Bill, our Editor-in-Chief, Pundit Pete, had this advise for Democrats in 2018.