Monday, July 25, 2011

Default Crisis Averted As Philanthropist Steps Forward

PPPS (Washington & Denver) In a breaking story this morning, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced that President Obama has negotiated, and is about to accept, a $50 trillion private donation intended to forestall an impending U.S. government default and to solve the nation's debt problem through at least November, 2012. Rumors are circulating as to the identity of the donor, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Our own PPPS crack team of researchers and reporters, however, have identified the donor as Philanthropist Pete, an international financier, currency trader, and media mogul, whose generosity is well known in arts and charity circles around the world. Through secret contacts inside of Philanthropist Pete's international headquarters in Denver we have verified the $50 trillion amount and obtained a photocopy of the actual note to be turned over to the U.S. Treasury Department.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Giethner is reported to be on route to Denver aboard one of Pete's private corporate jets to receive the payment.

Press Secretary Jay Carney would neither officially deny nor confirm the donor's identity and has provided few additional details regarding this surprising announcement, other than to indicate that President Obama will be addressing the nation later in the week regarding the donation, and the unveiling of a new White House proposal for investments in our nation's future.

Unofficially, contacts inside the White House have confirmed that negotiations with the anonymous donor had been ongoing for some weeks, and that in order to avoid press scrutiny and criticism, had been billed as campaign fundraising events and golf outings. A number of the President's out-of-town trips on Air Force One, and a least one cancellation of talks with House Republican leaders, were apparently related to these secret donor negotiations.

In addition, both the apparent inaction by Democrats on the debt ceiling crisis, and Obama's hardline but conciliatory stance involving negotiations with Republicans, now appear to have been skillful maneuvers to delay until this ultimate solution to the debt crisis could be reached. Our hats are off to the President on this one, and our nation is forever indebted to the generosity of the "anonymous" donor.

In an unrelated story, Press Secretary Carney indicated today that Fox News' White House press credentials have been temporarily suspended in light of the controversy surrounding News Corporation's scandalous operations in the UK, and owner Rupert Murdock's questionable journalistic integrity.  We are proud to announce that our own White House correspondent, Political Beat Pete, has been promoted from the if-available seating at the back of the press conference room, to the spot formerly occupied by Fox News in the front row.

PPPS Note: In the spirit of full disclosure, we are forced to divulge that Philanthropist Pete recently purchased a controlling interest the Pundit Pete Press Service. We reiterate here that this financial connection has no bearing whatsoever on the editorial content or nature of stories covered and reported by the PPPS. We remain true to our high standards of reporting and immune to any influence from ownership interests.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Painful Letter from Patriot Pete

PPPS - Following is a letter we received from an unknown reader, who signs as Patriot Pete. In these troubled times, we find his words compelling.

Dear Editor, I pray you will find it in your heart to pass this on to our fellow citizens.

I am greatly troubled, and find it painful to write these words.

But after witnessing events in Washington, DC this week, I can only conclude that our current government and many of its leaders are fundamentally corrupt. Corruption lies at the heart of Congress and in the White House and in the press.

They say that power corrupts. I have watched as our leaders have repeatedly thwarted attempts by honest men and women to rein in  government spending and to steer our country away from an impending financial abyss. No plausible explanation for such irresponsible behavior presents itself, other than a will, at all costs, to cling to power. They have lied.  They have stolen. They have demagogued and they have manipulated.  And, they have ignored the clear will of the people.

And most disheartening of all, they appear willing to sacrifice our great nation, our great future, and the future of generations to come, just to stay in power - even if only for one more election cycle. Each day of delay, they carelessly spend more of our children's future.

Their disrespect of us is appalling. Yet they think we don’t see. It is true that there are many who do not see, and many who choose not to.  And there are many who are complicit, especially in the press. This also is disheartening.

But their time is short. I am confident that, in the end, we will  prevail. I just pray that the damage they have caused can quickly be undone.

They have awakened us. We will not give up and we will not go away.  We will stand firm until their power has passed.

Long live our great country and constitution. Beware, those who would do it harm.

Written this day, July 23, 2011
Patriot Pete
Peetz, Colorado

Sunday, July 17, 2011

See the Documentary Film "The Undefeated"

PPPS (Denver)  Rarely does the editorial board at the Pundit Pete Press Service recommend seeing a particular movie, as most do not warrant it. We make an exception today with The Undefeated, the documentary film about Sarah Palin.

The entire editorial staff attended the Denver premier of the film Friday evening at the AMC theater in Highlands Ranch.  It was outstanding and shed a new light, or should we say, an unreported side, to this honest, inspiring and courageous politician and American Patriot.

Those who already knew some of Sarah's story, despite the efforts of the mainstream media to hide or distort it, will be inspired. And those who did not, will be educated, both about Sarah, and about the media and the left's dishonesty.

Even those who have opposed Palin, should they possess both the intellectual curiosity and courage to attend a showing, will come to admire Palin's courage in taking on her own party, and may even come to question the distasteful narrative they have been led to believe.

We encourage all to see the film, and to invite friends, young and old.

The Undefeated Teaser Trailer from Dain Valverde on Vimeo.

As Americans, we should no longer allow a dishonest and corrupt media to so distort the truth, to so shamelessly influence an election, or to engage in character assassination of this magnitude. 

To Sarah Palin we say - you go girl! Game on!

The Staff

For more information on the movie here is the web site.  Here also is an interesting article at American Thinker.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Pundit Pete Piece of History from 2008


PPPS (Denver) With the fate of our economy hanging on debt limit negotiations in Washington, DC, we thought it might be instructive to look back at Pundit Pete's first opinion piece, written on the eve of the 2008 elections. To Pete's great astonishment, this piece was rejected when originally submitted to several newspapers and media outlets. But out of the ashes of that initial disappointment rose the Pundit Pete Press Service, to become the media giant that it is today. We offer this bit of history to our loyal readers -- Pundit Pete's first opinion piece printed here for the first time.

Thoughts on the Coronation 
by Pundit Pete, October 24, 2008, Littleton, Colorado

Hey folks, let's take a moment away from our euphoria over the upcoming historic election (or has it already happened? It's hard to tell).

With an Obama win, these are the folks who will be in charge of our country:
1) Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, whose leadership in a crisis consists of rants against the opposition party bordering on "hate speech", followed by demonstrations of joy when announcing new records in bailout and earmark spending.