Friday, December 4, 2020

Biden Transition Requests Denied

 PPPS (Washington, DC)—From unnamed sources in both the White House and the Office of President-Elect Joe Biden, PPPS has learned that at least one very important Transition Team request has been denied.

Apparently, in the wake of President-Elect Biden's recent foot injury incurred while playing with the Soon-To-Be First Dog, the Biden transition team has requested that senior-safe, walk-in tub-showers be installed in the White House private residence, adjacent to the Oval Office, and in the female Secret Service detail locker room. The lame-duck White House transition team has apparently denied this important safety request.

The Beast (prior to modification)
In an unrelated story, Chief White House Correspondent Political-Beat Pete has learned that the White House also denied a Biden Transition Team request to modify the official Presidential Limousine, affectionately dubbed "The Beast", to add a secret compartment capable of transporting ballot boxes.