Monday, January 16, 2012

In Honor of Dr. King - Let's Bury the Race Card

PPPS (Littleton) Today we honor a great man of faith who once shared his dream for our nation.

But, there are still some leaders among us who choose to dishonor that dream by focusing their rhetoric almost exclusively on race, who judge people by the color of their skin, not by the content of their character, and who are all too quick to falsely accuse as racist, those with whom they disagree.

Perhaps it's time to remove that race card from the deck, and replace it with this.

Thank you Dr. King for your vision, your courage, your faith, and most of all, for your dream. 
God bless America. 
- the Staff

Friday, January 6, 2012

Sign of the times, perhaps.

PPPS (Denver) This photograph was submitted today by a reader named Penelope, who spotted it on South Broadway in Denver at the edge of a construction zone between a liquor store and a medical marijuana outlet. Could this sign portend a change taking place in America?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 - The Top Stories & Opinions from the Pundit Pete Press Service

PPPS (Denver) First, we extend a hearty HAPPY NEW YEAR to our loyal readers.

We take this opportunity to review some the top stories from 2011 as determined by our readers. (We thank you for helping make the Pundit Pete Press Service one of the most sought-after news sources on the web today.)

The overall top story in 2011, by a wide margin in terms of page views*, was this October 25th post:
New Reporter to Cover Occupy Wall Street Protests
* It should be noted that over 8,000 of those page views were traced to just one reader, someone named Penelope.

Our top news story for 2011 was this in-depth analysis of the fiscal crisis facing our nation posted on August 13:
Tea Party at Fault in Near-Default and Credit Rating Downgrade

And our second most viewed news story, also involving our debt crisis, was this item posted July 25:
Default Crisis Averted As Philanthropist Steps Forward

Our top international news story from 2011, and perhaps the most prophetic, was posted on March 22, straight from the Middle East:
Behind-the-Scenes Quote of the Week

Best interview from 2011, posted June 30, involved one very well-known political figure, and a not-so-well-known citizen:
Citizen Pete Debates David Axelrod at Rockies Game
The top political prediction from 2011, direct from our founder, Pundit Pete, was posted September 27:
Pundit Pete Predicts GOP Race

The top advice column from 2011, was directed to the new Occupy Wall Street movement and posted on October 13:
Advice From Practical Pete for the Occupy Movement
Oh, if only they had taken Practical Pete's advice, how things might be different.

And, in recognition of our readers, we have selected the following three posts, from among the thousands of letters to the editor at the Pundit Pete Press Service.

Most viewed letter, posted July 23: A Painful Letter from Patriot Pete .

Most historical, yet still relevant letter, posted on August 2:
A Bit of Tea Party History - Not Much Has Changed

Most priceless correspondence: Citizen Pete Sends Us Something Priceless

Finally, our favorite message from the staff, especially in light of the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, was this one posted last January18:
MLK Day — One Day After

Have a happy new year!