Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Patriot Pete Sends Message to Senate on Gorsuch Nomination

PPPS (Peetz, Colorado)—In the midst of a spring snowstorm, a mysterious man on horseback pounded on our door early this morning and handed us this note. We decided to publish it.

A Message to the U.S. Senate in Regards to the Pending Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court:
Listen up you Lazy, good-for-nothing bunch of Liars, Thieves and Self Promoters. The Patience of We the People has been been rendered Dangerously thin.
The honorable Judge Neil Gorsuch is a Decent Man dedicated to the Constitution and the Rule of Law, concepts you may not be familiar with. But We the People have taken note of his Character, despite the efforts of Democrats and their Conspirators in the Press to Denigrate him. Judge Gorsuch hails from the Great State of Colorado, where men and women value what Liberty we still Hold, Despite the Indignities Imposed upon us by Traitors in Washington, DC.
Who cares what Democrats think or grouse about? They are all Enemies of We the People and our Constitution.
Who cares about Trivial Senate Rules, purported to bring Honor and Decorum to a Chamber where there is none?

It is time for Senators to stop Spouting Nonsense and Start Listening to We the People. You waste our Precious Time and hard-earned Money on Pointless and Incoherent speeches and delaying tactics.
The next Supreme Court session is about to begin, and We need all hands on deck to Defend our Freedoms. 
Don't make me ride my Trusted Steed across this beautiful land to Washington, DC - I may just gather a few Trusted Patriots to join me along the way.
Respectfully submitted, this 4th of April, in the Year of Our Lord, two thousand and seventeen.
Patriot Pete
Peetz, Colorado