Monday, September 18, 2017

Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Conversation Revealed

Video capture photo from the Event Chronicle (see below)
PPPS (Phoenix)—As most people know by now, former President Bill Clinton, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a conversation about golf and grand kids in a plane on the tarmac at the Phoenix airport on June 27, 2016.

Based upon newly released emails and other bits of information, our esteemed Editor-in-Chief, Pundit Pete has pieced together his interpretation of that now famous conversation.

Here is how Pundit Pete imagines the conversation went:

Bill Clinton: Loretta, how good to see you.
Loretta Lynch: This is quite a surprise, Mr. President.
BC: Well, I just thought I would drop by and say hello. How are your grand kids by the way?
LL: Oh, they are fine, thanks for asking.
BC: That's great. Just remember, we know where they live, if you catch my drift.
LL: (nods)
BC: Now, Loretta, you know I can't really talk to you about Hillary's email matter. Those damned Fox News folks might perceive something the matter with that. As might some of those damned Republican committee members.
LL: No Mr. President, we couldn't talk about that matter.
BC: No, we couldn't. So, my suggestion, should that matter ever come up, is that you might want to consider taking the day off and playing golf.
LL: Golf, Mr. President?
BC: Yes, wonderful sport. Popular with former, and some active Presidents, and many former Attorneys General who decided to take matters into their own hands.
LL: I see Mr. President. One would not want to take up golf prematurely.
BC: Exactly. Glad you view the sport in its proper perspective. Maybe we could play a round after you retire at the end of Hillary's second term, or to celebrate your Supreme Court appointment.
LL: That would be very nice Mr. President, and an honor.
BC: Well, matters being what they are, perhaps we should wait. Besides, it's too damned hot to play golf here in Phoenix in the summer.

Notes: The photo was included in a March 20, 2017 article about the Tarmac meeting in The Event Chronicle. It appears to be a screen capture of a security camera video obtained by ABC News.

The above referenced conversation is derived from the fevered imagination of Pundit Pete, and to the extent it mirrors the actual conversation between former President Bill Clinton and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is purely coincidental.