Saturday, July 19, 2014

Does Dr Ben Carson Face Minority Backlash for Stepping Out From His Hospital Hood?

Dr. Ben Carson & Pundit Pete
PPPS (Denver)—PPPS Chief Correspondent, Pundit Pete, caught up with conservative brain surgeon Dr. Ben Carson after his speech at the Western Conservative Summit last night.

After exchanging pleasantries and a handshake, Pundit Pete got down to the business of a true journalist by asking the type of hard hitting question that the mainstream media would never ask.

Pete's question addresses the sensitive subject of minority backlash as Dr. Carson steps out from his hospital hood into the tough world of politics.

You will be surprised by Dr. Carson's answer.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Border News: Obama May Have Mocked the Moat, But Did It Get Built?

PPPS (Ft. Hancock, TX)—On May 10, 2011, on his first trip to visit the border near El Paso, President Obama declared the border more secure than ever, and then went on to mock GOP opponents for wanting to move the goal posts all the time. 

He said "Maybe they'll want a moat. Maybe they'll want alligators in the moat."  

But PPPS has learned that the Obama administration, in their unceasing effort to secure the border, has gone on to make a mockery of the President's mock, and has actually constructed a 15-mile long border moat along the Rio Grande between Fort Hancock and Esperanza, TX (about 40 miles southeast of El Paso). 

Here is an aerial view of the new border moat obtained from Google Earth. 

Readers are encouraged to check out the entire 15-mile length on Google Earth.

West end coordinates:
31°14'54"N, 105°50'16"W

East end coordinates:
31° 7'19"N, 105°39'59"W

PPPS has not yet confirmed whether there are any alligators in the moat.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Breaking: President Obama Resolves Border Crisis With Executive Order

PPPS (Tegucigalpa)—Through unnamed sources at the U.S. Embassy in Honduras, chief Latin American correspondent Pedro Pete has just learned that President Obama today signed a new Executive Order which clarifies U.S. immigration policy involving refugees from Central America and other regions. The President briefly diverted Secretary Kerry from his successful peace mission in the Middle East to solicit input on the new policy from several Latin American leaders.

Old Homeland Security Logo
Although a formal copy of the executive order will not be made available until sometime after the November elections, some of the new policies are already being implemented.

Included in the order are provisions to streamline processing of refugees and to make the border crossing a less intimidating experience for undocumented immigrants, many of whom carry the stigma of their entry status long after they have taken up permanent residence in the U.S.
More welcoming enforcement.

Words like illegal, alien, non-citizen and unlawful are being removed from the border enforcement lexicon, and replaced with more welcoming terms.

Perhaps the most visible change will be evident almost immediately, as the traditional U.S. Department of Homeland logo, which appears on caps and uniforms of several enforcement agencies, is replaced with this new, more modern design.
New Homeland Security Logo

Related Update: Following criticism from both Democrats and Republicans in Texas concerning the border crisis, and after learning about Ascarate Golf Course in El Paso, President Obama has agreed to alter his upcoming Texas fundraising trip to include a visit to the border.

Beautiful Ascarate Golf Course on the U.S./Mexico border.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

President Obama's 10-Point Crisis Management Plan

(click to enlarge)
PPPS (Washington)—In a world of seemingly out-of-control events it is comforting to know that our President has developed and follows a well thought out crisis management plan to solve both domestic and international problems as they arise.

Our Chief White House Correspondent, Political-Beat Pete, was able to obtain a copy of President Obama's plan from his sources on the White House staff. This 10-Point Crisis Management Plan is part of the President's larger 2014 Year of Action which he articulated during his 2014 State of the Union Speech.

Crisis Management - President Obama's 10-Point Plan

Step 1 - Manufacture a crisis to avoid discussion about actual problems that the majority of citizens care about and want fixed.
Step 2 - Use phone to encourage mainstream media friends and other Democrats to talk about the "crisis".
Step 3 - Demonize and humiliate people who point out that the "crisis" is not a real crisis. Give their names to the IRS.
Step 4 - Use pen to create new government policy or to change or ignore an old policy (sometimes called a law) to solve the "crisis".
Step 5 - Ignore warnings from advisers and political opposition (Tea Party) about obvious disastrous consequences of Step 4.
Step 6 - Ignore real data from government agencies and outside experts about mounting disastrous consequences of Step 4.
Step 7 - Read in news about Step 4 consequences. Express shock and outrage. Declare a new crisis.
Step 8 - Do nothing for a while (play golf or pool).
Step 9 - Use pointer to blame Congress (and Tea Party) for causing the new crisis and for not caring about fixing the new (or the old) crisis.
Step 10 - Repeat Step 1 or go to Step 4 (optional shortcut).