Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama Wins - As Predicted

PPPS (Littleton)—As projected by the Pundit Pete Press Service on September 29 (PPPS was the first major news organization to call the election), President Obama won reelection last night. Our Final Exit polling indicates that he won heavily among Deceased Voters, which ultimately put him over the top.

We certainly don't want to over emphasize the Dead Vote, since enough breathing Americans fought back and made the election close. But there is a certain pall hanging over America today. So much so that two of our loyal readers and sometimes contributors, Patriot Pete and Citizen Pete, both tweeted this message this morning:

It's mourning in America.

Keep your chins up and keep fighting. As Patriot Pete once wrote:

"They have awakened us. We will not give up and we will not go away.  We will stand firm until their power has passed."


  1. ??

    "I've been predicting over 300 electoral votes for Romney for some time now, but have bumped it up to 346. Mark that down." Peter Brodie, October 20 at 9:05am, on FaceBook

    Wasn't Rush L. predicting the same thing? Oh yeah, he was lying.

  2. Anonymous - It always amazes me how people are so quick to quote the faults of others but area unwilling to stand behind it by commenting using their own name. Unless of course your name really is Anonymous, in which case, you are a standup citizen.

    Now, as to the quote you cite, I am puzzled that you include something from Peter Brodie. Of all the Pete's at Pundit Pete, none are named Brodie. Not even close. And who is Rush L. anyway?

    But on the chance that someone named Brodie might have in some strange way be associated with, or have influence on, any of the predictions or stories or poems posted at Pundit Pete we offer the following possible explanations (only for argument sake of course):

    1. The accuracy of Pundit Pete prognostications are unprecedented and it is unproductive and unpatriotic to point out prognostication problems.
    2. Mr. Brodie's prediction was based upon information available at the time and was rendered irrelevant based upon the totally unprecedented "November Surprise" which occurred on November 6.
    3. It turned out the attacks on the Benghazi Consulate really were just an unruly mob action caused by a Youtube video.
    4. Mr. Brodie's Facebook page was hacked.
    5. What are you going to believe, your lying eyes or what you we tell you at Pundit Pete?

    Next time, Anonymous, go first to Pundit Pete for your news and predictions and ignore all that silly stuff posted on those social networks like Facebook.


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