Thursday, September 5, 2013

Interview With Debbie Coakley of Revolution Radio at Conservative Gathering

Debbie Coakley of Revolution Radio (PPPS photo)
PPPS (Orlando)—As part of our ongoing investigation of conservative groups, we sent our crack team of reporters to the RightOnline Conference and the Defending the American Dream Summit held simultaneously in Orlando, Florida.

Pigment-Challenged Pete was able to interview one of the black conservatives in attendance, Debbie Coakley, who was there with Revolution Radio. When not on remote,  Revolution Radio is hosted by Vince Coakley at a studio in Charlette, North Carolina. Pete found Debbie to be a most interesting promoter of freedom and a color-blind society, consistent with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Dream.

Here is a link to the Interview with Debbie Coakley on YouTube.

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Debbie is sporting a fashionable button from American Conservatives of Color

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