Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trump Derangement Syndrome Causes Media Switch To Satire

PPPS (New York)—In a major change of editorial focus, the mainstream media has begun writing satire. Media watchers have diagnosed the problem as a severe bout of Trump Derangement Syndrome, brought on by the recent presidential election.

We can only hope that the ailment is temporary, as continued competition in the satire genre could force layoffs at the Pundit Pete Press Service.

Here is the latest example, from NBC News in the form of a screen capture. (full article link here).

Screen Capture from the NBC News web page

We realize that for the mainstream press, a dinner out for a president-elect or presidential candidate, is usually preceded by a notification:

  • either that an important photo opportunity is being made available to the press pool;
  • or that, in the case of the Hillary Clinton campaign, an important strategy meeting has been scheduled.

In the later case, of course, the media is invited to dine WITH the candidate. At these dinners, no reporting, audio or video recordings are allowed and certain media outlets are always excluded.

Here is more from the NBC article:
With his Tuesday night actions, the Trump Administration is shaping up to be the least accessible to the public and the press in modern history.
A week after the election, Trump hasn't yet held a press conference, the longest any recent president has waited to speak to the press. That continues a weeks-long drought that's been going on since mid-summer, when Trump last answered questions from the press.
This is really funny stuff. We only wish we had written it ourselves.

NOTE: The NBC satire piece follows closely behind another which appeared in the New York Times.


  1. BTW Club21 is not even a steakhouse. Just another part of the lie.

  2. Unknown - Thank you for that information.

    Of course, we will have to verify that you are correct. To do so, we will make a visit to the Club21 establishment, but will first have to notify the press.

    Keep providing facts to keep the news organizations in line and you won't be unknown for long. They do have resources to investigate things you know.


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