Tuesday, December 20, 2016

With Election Loss Final, Hillary to Launch Book Tour With Husband Bill

PPPS (Chappaqua, NY)—With the selection of Donald J. Trump as President-Elect now confirmed by the Electoral College, and Secretary Hillary Clinton's surprising election loss now starting to appear final, Hillary and Bill may be moving on.

Hillary Clinton's trusted aide and confidant, Huma Abedin, released a statement this morning that the Clintons will be launching a nation-wide book tour beginning in January.

Their new book, titled Dead Broke No More, is scheduled for release on January 20, 2017, and is likely to become the defining guide to achieving financial success while serving in public office.

PPPS has obtained this exclusive, pre-release copy of the cover.

It is being reported that Simon & Schuster, in an effort to recoup losses from Hillary Clinton's last book, Hard Choices, only offered the Clinton's an advance barely equal to a single one of the couple's previous speaking fees.

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