Drop Dead Papers

Joey Bunch
The Drop Dead Papers are a collection of emails sent between the Denver Post's Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, Joey Bunch.and Peter Boddie (a.k.a. Citizen Pete) or Caryn Boddie (a.k.a. Citizen Caryn), including the now famous "drop dead" email response from Mr. Bunch.

Caryn and Peter Boddie
In the interest of complete transparency, we have attempted to produce a complete and comprehensive set of all emails between Joey Bunch, Peter Boddie and Caryn Boddie under the subject heading: Dianna DeGette Debate.

Candidate Casper Stockham
This subject heading refers to a previous news article by Mr. Bunch which included a one-sentence reference to Casper Stockham, Republican Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Colorado's 1st Congressional District (Denver and South Jeffco). Other emails dealing with Yoga Routines, Wedding Plans, or otherwise sensitive or confidential subjects have been deleted or heavily redacted.

Other persons mentioned in the various emails include Mr. Stockham, U.S. Senate Candidate Darryl Glenn, and Derrick Wilburn, Vice-Chairman of the Colorado Republican Party.
Candidate Darryl Glenn
Vice-Chair Derrick Wilburn

There are (at this time) two distinct email threads, the Joey/Pete Thread, and the Joey/Caryn Thread. Due to file size, each thread has been broken up into multiple JPEG files, presented sequentially.

Important links central to these discussions include:

Update September 9, 2016: Darryl Glenn's Statement on Not Speaking to Denver Post

THE EMAILS - JOEY/PETE THREAD (click to enlarge and read)

Email 1 - Pete to Joey,  a simple request to help obtain coverage for friend Casper's campaign

The referenced article is about a June debate between Rep. Dianna DeGette and primary opponent Chuck Norris. I (Citizen Pete) was there, as was Casper Stockham. I am also pretty certain I met Joe Bunch there, and I'm also pretty sure Joey met Casper. Casper would have certainly

Email 2 - Joey's response, at first reasonably positive, then decidedly dismissive and condescending response about Casper's chances and campaign.

"You can't declare your candidacy and expect the media to come find you."

This, by the way, was one year after Casper declared his candidacy, and after numerous contacts with another Denver Post political reporter, John Frank, in which Casper asked for coverage.

Email 3/4 - Pete to Joey, posing a question, along with Joey's "drop dead" response. Classy.

Email 4/5 - Pete to Joey - a professional response to a loathsome drop dead

The Caryn and Joey Emails, in which Citizen Caryn defends her husband and Joey calls Pete "loathsome". (coming soon)

UPDATE: Citizen Caryn has asked that we not include her emails at this time. This whole sordid affair has been pretty upsetting.

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