Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Video Inspires Support for President's Plans

(APPPS - Nashville) A new music video by well-known comedian and song writer Tim Hawkins titled "The Government Can" has made a meteoric rise to the top of the charts in the past few days, and may turn the tide in the health care reform debate. Leading pundits are predicting that the video's popularity and its positive message, which builds a strong case for increased government intervention in the economy and our personal lives, may tip the balance in the president's favor, not only on heath care reform, but on President Obama's other ambitious legislative initiatives such as Cap and Trade and a second, much-needed stimulus bill.

Democratic legislators have discovered that playing the video at the start of townhall meetings often turns the crowd from angry opposition into enthusiastic support of government-run health care. Even the most cantankurous, un-American retirees and veterans are turning into polite and apologetic patriots, often requesting more sweeping entitlements than proposed in the current bills.

Rumors that the White House and Organizing for America may have paid for production of the video could not be confirmed.

To view the Tim Hawkins video, click here. And to support real comedy go to Tim's website.

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