Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Post-Election Survey Questions We'd Like to See

PPPS (Littleton)—In the interest of helping guide our nation in a new direction of healing after last nights historic presidential election upset, the Pundit Pete Press Service has developed a brief list of post-election survey questions.

Q - To which country do you think the Clintons should emigrate to avoid prosecution?

Q - Do you think there are any countries still interested, given their recent loss of political clout?

Q - Do you think Bill and Hillary will settle in separate countries, or the same one?

Q - Do you think Barack Obama will join them?

Q - Can a lame-duck president pardon an entire political party, or will it be necessary to name specific party leaders, consultants, staff, and media participants?

Q - In today's post election market, what do you think the going rate for a pardon should be?

Q - Will James O'Keefe or Julian Assange be awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 2017?

Q - Will CNN change its name back to Cable News Network, or will it continue to operate as the Clinton News Network?

Q - Will any mainstream media staff be fired for their active participation in a presidential campaign, or will they be all be promoted?

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  1. That was fun - but it would be yet more fun to collect and report "survey" responses.


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