Saturday, October 29, 2016

BREAKING: Key Memo Reopens FBI's Hillary Email Investigation

Memo Hacked from Anthony Weiner Laptop      Source: Promiscuous Pete


Exclusive: Promiscuous Pete, mysterious hacker, sent to PPPS a copy of the key document believed to be responsible in yesterday's announcement that the FBI is reopening the Hillary Clinton email investigation, a memo. Read it above.

Apparently, the FBI decision to reopen the case was the result of documents found on a laptop computer owned by former Democrat Representative Anthony Weiner, estranged husband of longtime aide to Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin. (The FBI was investigating Rep. Weiner in an unrelated child pornography matter.)

While the FBI has not been transparent in revealing the contents of files found on the Weiner laptop, citing the ongoing investigation, there was an indication that there may be thousands of emails—perhaps as many as 30,000.

Promiscous Pete is a longtime friend of Weiner, and is suspected to have been responsible for past leaks of Weiner "junk" photos posted on the PeteyLeaks website (although some sources believe that Weiner may have posted the photos himself). Pete is also believed to have been responsible for past hacks of the PPPS website.

The memo is addressed to Hillary Clinton from Huma Abedin on the subject of emails, with notes back from Hillary. At first glance, itt appears to exonerate Secretary Clinton, as the the email classifications all marked for deletion appear to involve personal and charity subjects and not official State Department business. However, in the interest of transparency, we are posting the memo to let our readers decide.

Promiscuous Pete, in the email to PPPS transmitting the Memo, claims to have hacked Weiner's laptop and obtained thousands of documents and photos. The subject memo was included in an unsecured directory labeled Huma_Work_Files, which also included subdirectories labeled Files_To_Save and Files_To_Delete.

Promiscuous Pete also claims to have thousands of emails from both subdirectories, including many that have not previously been released. He is considering posting those emails to the PeteyLeaks blog site after the election.



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  2. Anonymous - Very clever you are.

    Oh where would we be if only the Mainstreet Media had taken this seriously a year and a half ago.

    God bless.


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