Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Tea Party Exposed Part 1 -- A Dangerous and Threatening Agenda

PPPS (Washington, DC)—In this, Part 1, of our series on the Radical Right-Wing Tea Party Movement, we sent our own PPPS crack reporter, guilt-ridden, middle-aged, white-suburban-male Progressive Pete, disguised as a typical unrepentant racist middle-aged white-suburban male, to penetrate the inner workings of the Tea Party Movement at their recent September 12, 2010, Tea Party March on the Capitol in Washington, DC.

This revealing video, secretly filmed by Progressive Pete and smuggled out under difficult circumstances, illustrates one aspect of the dangerous and threatening agenda behind the Tea Party Movement. What at first appears to be a spontaneous song sung by a small group of radicals, may in fact be part of a concerted effort to shape the Tea Party message and to influence unsuspecting Tea Party attendees. 

As evidence of this coordinated effort, our PPPS crack team of researchers unearthed this song video by professional musician Bruce Bellot. Although in this instance, the link may be inconclusive, we have identified other professional musicians with possible ties to the Tea Party Movement, including Ava Aston, John "David" Kahn, and Lloyd Marcus. Taken together, these songs and videos have the potential to popularize the growing movement and to infuse both young and old alike with the Tea Party message.

Furthermore, since professional musicians and entertainers in America rarely, if ever, volunteer their political views, this proliferation of similar Tea Party "friendly" songs and videos can only mean that an underlying funding mechanism is at work in support of their production.

Progressive Pete remains undercover. Look for additional videos and reports coming soon in our five-part series titled
The Tea Party Exposed
Part 1 -- A Dangerous and Threatening Agenda
Part 2 -- Military Veterans Identified in Tea Party Crowd
Part 3 -- Shocking Media Bias Revealed
Part 4 -- Women May Be at Core of Tea Party Movement
Part 5 -- Racist Elements Finally Exposed

The Pundit Pete Press Service wishes to thank Who Said? You Said! for providing the high-tech video equipment used to obtain this undercover video.  Please go to their video blog site, particularly for Colorado political issues.  Bravo for their efforts!

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