Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tea Party May Still Be Active in Colorado - Thanking Wisconsin

PPPS (Littleton)—Although rumors persist that the Tea Party is dead, we received this press release today from the mysterious Bridge to Nowhere Tea Party. Looks like they may not have expired here in Colorado.

Shining light on what the task ahead is for Colorado voters

Citizens in Jefferson County will respond to the results of the Wisconsin recall election when they assemble peacefully on the pedestrian bridge over Wadsworth near Bowles Avenue in Littleton on Saturday, June 9, 2012, 1–3 P.M. They will suggest a course for Colorado voters.

Littleton, CO—June 9, 2012—Citizens of Jefferson County, Colorado, will gather on the pedestrian bridge at Wadsworth and Bowles—called “The Bridge to Nowhere” by some—this Saturday, March 25, at 1–3 P.M. They will thank Wisconsin and encourage Colorado voters.

Wisconsin voters decided to keep Governor Scott Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefish in office last week to continue the reforms they had begun. Government sector unions organized the recall effort, but were defeated by the People.

“We want to thank the Governor and People of Wisconsin for standing on conservative principles,” said Peter Boddie, organizer of the event, who is also a blogger and Tea Party activist. “They balanced the budget and limited the power of government sector unions, which took a lot of courage. The voters were also courageous in supporting them. Now it’s our turn.”

We are sending Progressive Pete to infiltrate the event and to learn what possible connection there may be between the Tea Party and recent events in Wisconsin.

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