Monday, March 18, 2013

Political-Beat Pete Asks Tough Question of Jay Carney at WH Press Briefing

PPPS (The White House)--At today's White House Press Briefing, our own Political-Beat Pete, after waiting patiently in back with hand raised, finally walked up near the front of the room when it was time for the last question, and asked Press Secretary Jay Carney whether he would take a question from Colorado. He agreed to accept one more question.

White House Press Briefing - March 18, 2013 (PPPS photo)


Pete's question was a follow-up to one asked earlier by April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks about a lack of appointments to the President's Cabinet of minorities. It was the following (paraphrased for now):

As a followup to the question asked by the woman earlier, with very high unemployment in the black community, and when there are government workers who may be furloughed, and there are millions of other Americans unemployed, and families whose budgets have been cut, how does the President justify lavish vacations and a golf trip to Florida at taxpayer expense? Does he plan to cut back on his travel?
After asking the initial question, and as Carney tried to spin out of answering it, Pete interrupted him in good journalist fashion a couple of times. Mr. Carney was doing press secretary gymnastics and was describing how GOP efforts to reduce spending would reduce funds to the sick and elderly when Pete brought the question back to the high rate of unemployment for young people who are black (again, this is a paraphrase for now). Of course, Pete's efforts were in vain, and Secretary Carney never really answered the question of whether or not the President would cut down on his travel going forward.

Pete got into the White House Press Briefing room after calling for a press pass. He had been told the wrong time for the press briefing and, therefore, only arrived near the end. Then, a seasoned journalist advised Pete to move up and stand along the wall closer to the front. After the man standing next to Pete was granted the last question, Pete was pretty disappointed.
Pete just inside the White House gate w/ his new press pass.
But then just as the Secretary answered the "last question", Pete interjected boldly, "Would you take a question from Colorado?"....and the rest is history.

We will post a copy of our YouTube video of Pete's question and response, as well as a link to the CSPAN recording, which should be available this evening. Pete's question comes near the end of the White House Press Briefing.

Update: Here is the Pundit Pete Press Service Video:

Transcription from the White House Briefing Room (note that Press Secretary Carney fails to even remotely answer Pete's questions):

Q    One question from Colorado.

MR. CARNEY:  From Colorado, sure.

Q    All right.  I wanted to follow up on this young woman’s question about the high unemployment out in places like Colorado, all around the country, especially in the minority communities -- exceptionally high unemployment.  And when there is government workers who may be furloughed, millions of Americans unemployed, and family budgets that have been cut, how does the President justify lavish vacations and a golf trip to Florida at taxpayer expense?  And does he plan to cut back on his travel?

MR. CARNEY:  I can tell you that this President is focused every day on policies that create economic growth and help advance job creation.  We have presided over the past three years over an economy that’s produced over 6.3 million private sector jobs, and we have more work to do.  And this President’s number-one priority is growth and job creation.  When you come to --

Q    But it’s not working in the minority communities.

MR. CARNEY:  Well, the fact is unemployment has come down.  It has not come down nearly enough.  And what we need to do is embrace policies that advance job creation, make secure the middle class, and create ladders of opportunity for those who aspire to the middle class.  We certainly do not need to embrace economic policies that shift the entire burden of deficit reduction onto senior citizens, middle-class families, Medicaid recipients.  The proposal coming out of the House would slash Medicaid by a third.

Q    But it doesn’t affect inner-city jobs.

MR. CARNEY:  It doesn’t?  You don’t think it does?

Q    No.

MR. CARNEY:  People who depend on Medicaid to help take care of their kids who are disabled.  People who depend on Medicaid to take care of their parents who are in nursing homes.  People who are not in the middle class but aspire to it, who depend directly on Medicaid.  I think you need to examine what the Medicaid program actually does.

 Why Was Pete At the White House Anyway?

As Chief White House Correspondent for the Pundit Pete Press Service, Pete of course is no stranger to the White House Press Briefing Room. But, having lost his press credentials a while back because of a change in attitude and a book project he was working on, Pete could only return on a one-day pass. And what is that book project you might ask? Well it's Pete's first, soon-to-be-released book: Is Journalism Finally Dead? - An Insider's Revealing Look at the White House Press Corpse.

Check it out.

On another note:

As Political-Beat Pete was leaving the Northwest Gate to the White House, he encountered another gentleman who was leaving, one who was perhaps a bit more familiar with the White House than Pete. It was Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO labor union.

When Pete asked Mr. Trumka, if like Pete, it was his first visit to the White House, Mr. Trumka lied and said yes.

Or perhaps he misunderstood Pete to ask if it was his first visit to the White House this week. It was Monday, after all.

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Pete can be seen asking his question on the left side of this video interview with Dr. Ben Carson shown on Hannity on FoxNews. Pete's question and comments start at  minute 04:55 on the video: Interview with Ben Carson

Here is the press briefing on CSPAN - Pete's question start at minute 39:12 (Pete is off to the left).

Fellow Colorado Blogger Michelle Morin  carried the story. 

Shameless Advertising Section
I used my Samsung Infuse cell phone (1.5 yrs old) to make the video in this story. Pretty good sound and video quality, huh? I'm pretty sure the newer Samsung Galaxy S III  phones are as good or better.


  1. Pete,
    I am sorry I missed this on TV! So pleased you recorded your question and it would be nice if he could be interrogated like this on a daily basis. Unfortunately he did on this occasion, always has and always will dance around a question as opposed to giving a direct honest answer.
    Thanks Pete!!!

  2. Pretty sophomoric and a sadly pathetic attempt at grabbing 15 seconds of fame. While I'm sure you are proud and excited at the possibility of receiving coverage in irrelevant and uber-partisan sites such as Michelle Malagong Malkin's and Brietfart, in the real world, folks are simply laughing at you.
    You had/have an opportunity to forward political discussion; take off the clown suit and try to have a positive impact in your life, sir.

    1. It takes a lot of guts to leave an Anonymous comment, sir.

    2. If you adjusted Anonymous's Oh So Knowing comment with a British accent, I would swear that was "true journalist" PMS Morgan moonlighting as an internet troll. Anyway, great job on your stealth operation to ask a question that, while brave of you to do so, should have been asked of Jay Carnival Clown and his predecessor 5 - 10 a day, NOT once in 5 years.

    3. The only ( currently unemployed ) media figure/troll 'I' know of that takes pains to dredge up Michelle's maiden name at every opportunity is Keith Olberdumb?

      Hey, loved the feigned 'nervousness' too! Nice touch. Whenever you're approaching someone that does public speaking for a LIVING, if you're delivery is too polished, BAM, defenses go up!

      But if you insert strategic and fumbling hems & haws, the relax and say; "Oh, a rube.., I GOT this!" and proceed to fall on your sword. Nicely done. When Olberman and Dennis Rodman announce they're broadcasting their new show from NoKo, make sure we read it here first, okay?

    4. So are we to assume, sir, that you have never used Obama's middle name? Uh huh. Thought so. Typical double standard when the tables are turned on the Shrilliest of the Shrill, MMM.

    5. Look, Mashrill Melikeadong Malkin is nothing but an anchor baby who has a following of about 2 dozen, mostly moronic and imbecilic posters. Have you ever read their collective posts? Simply stunning with the depth of their stupidity.

      But hey, you got your 15 seconds of fame, Pete.

    6. "A True Patriot" ?! What a laugh. Are you aware of the 1898 Spanish-American War (which is how the US took procession of the Philippine Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico and Cuba). Since Michelle Malkin’s parents were in the US legally when she was born (1970), and she was 19 years old when they became US citizens (1989), how does she qualify to be tagged an “anchor baby” since she had no power to help make her parents US citizens? Yeah, I see a true example of the stunning “depth of stupidity” on the Internet in your post.

    7. Possession for procession --it's early -- carry on.

    8. Anchors away, Mi Shrill, Anchors away...

    9. Anchors aweigh is the correct spelling.

      As in your mistaken use of the term “anchor baby,” with a smidgen of humility there is no need to keep repeating your errors.

    10. Sorry you missed the irony with "away" vs. "aweigh" Einstein. Not doubt this lack of intellectual acumen on your part can be attributed to the time wasted on Me Shrill Malkin's site, where other geniuses such as ThrilledDumper/EcstaticPooper/HappyCrapper congregate, en masse (at least the 17 regular commenters), in a futile effort to reassure themselves that they are, in fact, the only sane ones on the Planet. Idiotic tirades that involve Socialism, Birtherism, Climate Change and stolen elections do NOTHING to advance the cause of Conservatism....simply adds ammunition to those that think Conservatives have fallen over the edge.

      Thanks, Buddy.

    11. Happy to make your day!

    12. It's indeed a True pleasure to perceive a progressive Patriot parade his mail order PhD in punditry to poo poo Pete publicly.

    13. Pundit Pete

      I'm actually surprised that you didn't "zing" the press secretary by asking if Obama will be flying Southwest or TransAir on his Middle East trip...was sort of expecting that follow up.

    14. Oh...and one more thing...why is it that I've never read one thing on so-called conservative web sites about James O'Keefe admitting that he LIED/doctored the ACORN video, in the forms of a LARGE cash payment and a public apology?

      If a Libetarian or Liberal had done so, we would have (rightfully) read about it non-stop on the so called neo-con sites....instead, we get the usual response of crickets chirping...typical double standard.

    15. James O'Keefe did not admit that he’d lied about anything:
      “The settlement admits no liability and there is no benefit from extending this ridiculous lawsuit. Sadly, this is the cost of exposing the truth. That’s why so few people do it. There are liability issues inherent in undercover journalism. But let me be clear, this lawsuit had nothing to do with editing or misrepresentation. It was an action under the California Invasion of Privacy Act.” -- James O'Keefe

      From an AP report:
      O'Keefe said in the settlement documents that when editing the videos he did not know Vera had called police.

    16. On this thread:

      Glad you all are enjoying yourselves bickering about things totally unrelated to my post. Kind of like Jay Carney's answer to my question - totally unrelated.

      Breitbart would like that.
      God bless, and thanks for commenting (I think)

    17. Here is a link to someone other than the twerp's own web site, that notoriously liberal rag, Forbes, which outline O'Twerp's illegal actions:

      And again, where was the reporting on conservative sites? Oh yeah, cue crickets.

      Just admit there is a HUGE double standard with neo-cons. Go ahead Dave, admitting there's a problem is the first step. O'Keefe was wrong, paid $100,000 and the woman who played his whore paid another $50,000.

      As much as they wish to spin this, only the kool aid drinkers and truly ignorant would even consider giving this tool the benefit of the doubt.

      Guilty was the charge....

    18. I read the Forbes article and many others before commenting on this issue: Two sides to every story. Peter Boddie is right about the “bickering,” and I’m done countering your distortions of events that are unrelated to what he accomplished in the White House press room.

    19. It was the first gutsy question asked in the history of the Obama administration.

  3. Carney' press 'briefings' are to journalism what the empty calories of a Big Mac are to nutrition.

  4. Glad I wasn't there, I don't think I could just walk by Trumpka without losing my cool.

    1. That's cause you're simply retaded.

    2. Anonymous - Perhaps you didn't get the memo, but use of the word "retarded" is no longer politically correct and could be perceived as an offensive personal insult to a large proportion of Progressives and Democrats in America.

  5. WOW Pete! & here I though my getting CPAC press creds was a big deal!! CONGRATS BUDDY!

  6. Obama does not take "lavish vacations at taxpayer expense" you pathetic liar.

    1. Anonymous - Ditto for "RETARD", especially when written in all caps. See explanation above.


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