Tuesday, January 28, 2014

State of the Union - When A President Speaks The Truth

PPPS (Washington)—In the daily life of our nation, no speech is more consequential, more riveting, or more hopeful than when our president goes before Congress and the American people to report on the State of the Union. It is truly an opportunity for our nation to come together as one and to support our Dear Liar Dear Leader Esteemed President as he outlines his agenda to transform America in the coming year.

Short of the Super Bowl (Go Broncos!), the Winter Olympics, and the new season of Duck Dynasty, no other mid-winter telecast is anticipated to have a higher viewer participation. 

Unfortunately, all of our staff are currently in New Jersey covering Super Bowl Week, and unless the speech is shown in nearby Midtown Manhattan discos or downstate in Atlantic City casinos, there may not be an opportunity for the Pundit Pete Press Service to cover the speech.

Which is why we are asking our loyal readers to:  
Help Us Out and Accept On Our Reader Challenge!

You see, the PPPS staff are currently compiling a book documenting President Obama's most profound promises, proclamations and pronouncements. The book will be titled When a President Speaks the Truth.

Unfortunately, so far, it consists mostly of blank pages.

Which is where you, our readers, come in. We need more content for our book and here is how you can help:

  1. Find a comfortable place in front of a television.
  2. Invite lots of friends.
  3. Give everyone a note pad (digital is OK) and pencil.
  4. Watch the State of the Union Speech.
  5. Note ANY truthful statements by the President.
  6. Send us your notes in the comment section below...
  7. Or tweet us @Pundit_Pete
Thanks for your help!
(blank notes are acceptable)

1 comment:

  1. Saw your challenge.
    But we're on our way to New Jersey to watch the Broncos beat the Seahawks. Don't think we'll be able to watch the speech.

    But I made a contribution to your web site a while back which includes a quote you may be able to use. Here is the link.

    Go Broncos!
    Citizen Pete


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