Monday, February 23, 2015

Georgia Middle-School Kid Doubles Down on Rudy's Remarks About Obama's Love for America

PPPS (Atlanta) A 12-year old Georgia middle school kid named CJ Pearson, after hearing former Mayor Rudy Giuliani suggest that President Obama does not love America, decided to double down on Rudy's remark and post his own thoughts on YouTube.

No further commentary is needed, as this young Patriot is pretty clear in his opinion.

H/T Suzi Q Starr and Western Journalism.

At a news conference today, members of the Press pressed Governor Scott Walker to denounce the CJ Pearson comments.

Walker declined, suggesting that they might want to bring the matter up at the next White House Press Briefing and let the President respond to the 12-year old, if he has the guts to do so.

The mainstream media immediately went with the headline "Walker is a Coward; Avoids Comment From 12-year old."

Ok, Ok. Now a Real UPDATE: Of course, this conservative kid got his Facebook page shut down. Go figure. Can't have any 12-year old's spouting rational thought and opinions - what if it was contageous.

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