Friday, February 19, 2016

Persnickety Pete - Why I'm Voting For Trump

Persnickety Pete (Laurie Bratten photo)
PPPP (Pea Green Corner, CO)—As we dive into the heart of the presidential nomination process for both parties, we will be printing opinions from loyal readers and staff on why they are supporting different candidates. First up to bat is guest contributor and long-time malcontent, Persnickety Pete.

Pete is the author of the book Manufacturing Anger, considered by some to be the bible of the Tea Party movement. In addition to submitting articles as a guest contributor, Pete also consults as a professional irritant.

Why I'm Voting for Donald Trump —Persnickety Pete
When ya asked me who I'm support'n in this crazy presidential race, I was gonna say,  "That ain't none o' yer damned business!"  
But after thoughtful reflection while snowshoe'n up on the mesa (and maybe a pinch o' special Colorado weed),  I decided to tell who I'm gonna vote for.  This note is addressed to the Republican Party, especially the leadership in DC.
Let me put it this a way:
  • If you GOP senators and representatives had even tried to do what we elected you to do in 2010 and 2014......then we wouldn't need the Donald;
  • And if the GOP leaders and other presidential candidates had spoken back to, and maybe even tried to humiliate those leftists in the press, or the president, or Hillary, or the Pope.....err, scratch the Pope....then we wouldn't need the Donald;
  • And if you had taken seriously what the folks were tell'n you about illegal immigration and Islamic terrorism, instead of worrying about what the press thinks....then we wouldn't need the Donald;
  • And if the GOP leadership had spent more time opposing Obama than trashing true conservatives like Ted Cruz and the Freedom Caucus....then we wouldn't need the Donald.
  • And if you had at least acknowledged, if not thanked, those good folks in the Tea Party movement who worked their asses off getting you majorities in Congress....then we wouldn't need the Donald.
But instead, YOU DIDN'T LISTEN, and after we gave you everything, YOU STILL SCREWED UP! we have the Donald.
We don't care anymore whether Donald Trump is a real conservative. We just want him to bust some heads in DC.
And right now, GOP Leadership, the heads we want busted first.....ARE YOURS!
Disrespectfully submitted, 
Persnickety Pete

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  1. That is so true, every word of it. Even what you first said about the Pope has since turned out to be all too true. I'm a Catholic and for the first time in my life my opinion of the Pope is that he's a pandering P.O.S. I should have realized it much sooner when I saw him washing the filthy feet of Muslim men


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