Thursday, June 15, 2017

Citizen Opines on Lowering Political Hostility After VA Shooting

PPPS (Littleton)—We received this short opinion piece about the violent discourse and now actual violence which seems to characterize political debate in our country. It was submitted by a loyal reader, and sometimes contributor, Citizen Pete. 

On Lowering Political Hostility

Now that the latest terrorist attack on Republicans points directly back to the Left's irresponsible, hateful and violent rhetoric, the Democrats are suddenly all about "easing political hostility" in America, as if there was ever any equivalence in this matter as between the sides.
This is just more of the same evil from the Left, including the leadership of the Democrat Party. They have no capacity for self inspection or correction. 
In fact, even after an actual act of violence mimics the undisguised and oft-stated intentions of members of the media, entertainers and Democrats (all really one and the same), projection is still their main game.
The logical progression of this projection will be that Trump caused the violence, aided by Deplorables and the Tea Party, and approved of by Republicans.
Oh, and of course, guns.
Citzen Pete, June 16, 2017

Note: PPPS is not responsible for the content of this editorial, and if threatened with violence by those who oppose or disagree with the content of this editorial, reserves the right to deny any knowledge of, or association with, Citizen Pete, or if necessary, with anyone else named Pete. —the Staff

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