Saturday, July 22, 2017

Bill Bennett - Influential, Respected American Speaks at Western Conservative Summit

PPPS (Denver)--One of our loyal readers, Citizen Caryn, has been attending the Western Conservative Summit in Denver this weekend. She has submitted this short article about one the esteemed speakers at the Summit. We are thrilled to publish it.

Influential, Respected, American Graces #WCS17 Stage
Dr. William J. Bennett spoke to attendees at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver on Saturday morning, July 22, 2017. After dropping the number of fourteeners he’s climbed in Colorado (over thirty), he reminded folks of the good that has been done under the current administration, including the nomination and confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch and the change in approach under the Trump Administration from containing to annihilating Islamist terrorists.
Dr. Bennett went on to encourage conservatives to get up every day and ask themselves what they can do to move the ball forward on issues of principle, such as religious liberty. He finished his speech by quoting John 14:1, 27: “Let not your hearts be troubled.” Also, he reminded attendees to be salt and light.
Dr. Bennett served in two cabinet level positions in the Reagan and Bush administrations and is now advising President Trump. He earned a J.D. at Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Texas. His undergraduate work was at Williams College. 
In an interview after the session, I raised a couple of issues with Dr. Bennett. First, I asked him about the subject of tribalism and communication online. He said that he had been talking to many people—many young people—about it and that he advises them to broaden their networks for communication online. “You don’t want to make the same mistake the universities have made in being too narrow.” Secondly, I wondered what he would say to parents who send their children to universities after raising them in the faith, and with care, and find them greatly changed by the experience. He said that parents need to assess the strength of each child to withstand the campus agenda of the Left and determine which university or college they should attend.

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