Tuesday, June 8, 2021

VP Harris Finally Visits Border


In a stunning change of course in the Biden Border Policy, Border Crisis Czar and Current Vice President Kamala Harris has chosen to visit the southern border with Mexico to personally assess the situation.

And, in perhaps an even more stunning turn around, VP Harris made her visit to the border as part of a bipartisan tour, accompanied by radical Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert, of gun packing fame.

Our PPPS camera crew was able to obtain exclusive video of the history-making border visit by Vice President Harris.


  1. Sure - what caused you to think Boebert is radical? Are you using personal bias in that evaluation? Do you realize that you are part of the problem in the USA if you continue to report like this

    1. It is my sincere hope that I will become a bigger problem in the USA and that my posts will go viral.

      That said, you may want to go look up the word satire.


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