Thursday, January 27, 2022

Could Pete Be Offered Supreme Court Appointment?

PPPS (Washington, DC)—With the "Unofficial" announcement that Supreme Court Justice Breyer will retire, speculation as to a replacement has been running rampant around this town.

PPPS has an exclusive scoop that our own Pundit Pete is high on the list for the appointment. We have obtained a copy of the application submitted by Pete, which our White House sources tell us has already risen to the top of the stack.

President Joe Biden
White House
                                  Re: Upcoming Supreme Court Vacancy

Hey Joe -

I have an unblemished court record (if you ignore that incident back in college) and I self-identify as a BLACK FEMALE.

Plus, since Covid started, I've gotten a lot of experience working in a robe.

Come on man, give me a call!

—Your friend, Soon-to-be-Justice, Pundit Pete

PPPS will keep you updated as this story develops. Pete has already met with several leaders in the Senate to determine how he would rule on key issues before the Court.

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  1. I would say you cover all the bases, Pete, and see no reason why you should not be at the top of Chaos Joe's list. Just one thing - do you promise to be totally fair and treat even the other party fairly? If so, I am certain that will be your downfall. Biden is looking for someone who despises the Right as much as he and the rest of the party seems to do. Can you handle that?


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