Thursday, July 28, 2022

Biden's Economic Response to a Recession

PPPS (Washington, DC)—We asked our graphic artist, Pixel Pete, to present the Biden Administration's complex economic policies and response to today's release of the 2nd Quarter leading economic indicators in a manner more easily understood by our Low Information Readers.


  1. Dear Mr. Pete (may I call you Pundit?),

    I believe I've found an error in your artist's rendering of the Biden administration response. The third monkey (OK, chimp) is portrayed as having its mouth covered so as not to speak. But I believe no Biden administration spokesmonkey (or spokeschimp) has actually shut up.

    You're welcome in advance.
    Charles N. Steele

  2. Dear Mr Pete,
    Arrived here by pure chance. Appreciate the ability to post without having to use the devil’s tools to do so. I appreciate a good laugh as I do good satire and sarcasm and hope the good Lord of Creation will give me many more years to do just that. Nothing, and I mean, nothing gives me more joy than triggering a libturd into a frenzy with a strategic undeniable truth bomb and just watch as he rants incoherently with his hair on 🔥...its, its...poetry in motion...

  3. Dear Mr. Steele (may I call you Charles)

    We appreciate your comment but we never correct errors. As a side note, I believe that the third monkey (chimp) may have photobombed our photo session and was assigned a label anyway by Pixel Pete. We have now fired Pixel Pete.

    —Pundit Pete

  4. Dear Anonymous - We appreciate your comments, but are a little bit puzzled. This is a news organization. It is not intended to be funny. If you find the content of any of our news stories to be funny, there could something seriously wrong with you. Our advice is for you to seek professional help. We can refer you to our staff therapist, Psychiatrist Pete, if you like.

    Always willing to help,
    Pundit Pete


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