Thursday, April 9, 2009

Homeland Security Rumor Debunked

APundit Pete Press Service NEWS FLASH
(APPPS - Washington) A widely-circulated rumor that the administration has been planning to change the name of the Department of Homeland Security to the less intimidating and more culturally sensitive title of "Mi Casa Es Su Casa" was denied yesterday by a spokesperson for Secretary Janet Napolitano. The rumor has now been officially debunked.

The source of the rumor was apparently an, as yet unidentified, Washington Beltway blogger. Several national news organizations are reported to be assigning teams of journalists to expose the blogger's identity, tax records, medical records, family members, neighbors, business associates, acquaintances, political affiliations, and other relevant information. Our own APPPS crack team of reporters and Internet researchers are currently following an exclusive lead on the blogger's identity.

Check back for updates.

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