Friday, October 28, 2011

Quote of the Week

PPPS (Denver) With this week's unrest in the Occupy Wall Street movement and the obvious comparisons to the Tea Party Movement, we are reminded of advice from that malcontent, Persnickety Pete, found in his popular underground book Manufacturing Anger - A Guide to Political Persuasion (often referred to as the "Tea Party Bible").

If ya want to make people angry, call 'em names.
If ya want to make people really angry, call 'em nasty names.
And, if ya want to start a Movement, call 'em nasty names that ain't even true! 
                                                          Persnickety Pete in Manufacturing Anger, 1st Ed. 1978.

Our analysis indicates that the failure of the mainstream media and prominent leaders in Washington, DC to acknowledge this sage advice, was largely responsible for the explosion of the Tea Party Movement in early 2009.

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