Thursday, October 13, 2011

Advice From Practical Pete for the Occupy Movement

PPPS (Denver) We are pleased to introduce our new columnist, Practical Pete, who offers up sage advice and opinions on the news of the day with pithy and practical prose.

On the Problem of Clean Up at the Occupy Wall Street Protest in New York City

Photo Credit: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Instead of spending private or taxpayer funds to clean up the trash at the Occupy Wall Street protest in Zuccotti Park, New York Mayor Bloomberg should issue a new protest permit requiring the Occupy crowd to vacate the park one day per week to allow for a counter protest by the Tea Party. After the Tea Party group is done, the park should be spotless.

Why Stop With Just Wall Street or Major Cities - The Occupy Movement Should Really Think Big

Since the Occupy Wall Street movement is really all about the 99% of us who've been ripped off, oppressed, enslaved, etc. (choose your own word, as every complaint is equal) by that other evil 1% (bankers, corporations, government, Tea Party -- choose your own villain), why not rename the movement:
Occupy Every Street !
That way we (the 99%) can all sleep in our own beds at night and claim complete support throughout the country! Just declare victory and go home, that's my suggestion. Trust me, the press will report it however you like.

Best Signs to Take to An Occupy Event

These two signs can be carried together.

If you don't get this sign, then watch this YouTube Video

Oh, and check out Michelle Malkin's blog for some real journalism about the cleanup costs of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.


  1. Nice.

    The first sign is great. I think I might adapt the second to read: "We must create a fair society. Gimme half your money."

  2. Anonymous. Thanks. I'm forwarding your suggestion to Pilferer Pete (see staff list) for possible inclusion.


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