Monday, January 16, 2012

In Honor of Dr. King - Let's Bury the Race Card

PPPS (Littleton) Today we honor a great man of faith who once shared his dream for our nation.

But, there are still some leaders among us who choose to dishonor that dream by focusing their rhetoric almost exclusively on race, who judge people by the color of their skin, not by the content of their character, and who are all too quick to falsely accuse as racist, those with whom they disagree.

Perhaps it's time to remove that race card from the deck, and replace it with this.

Thank you Dr. King for your vision, your courage, your faith, and most of all, for your dream. 
God bless America. 
- the Staff


  1. I would place that on my vehicle as a bumper sticker, plaster it all over the place til it was as ubiquitous as the smiley face of "have a nice day" fame. Good one.

    1. What a great idea Anonymous. In fact, we know a couple of folks who have done just that, place a sticker in the car window. One, (the author of said sticker), says people stop when passing her car to read it and smile, or give a thumbs up at a stop light.
      So......just in case you want to plaster your own car, we have heard that you can purchase them at Meadowlark Press.


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