Friday, March 30, 2012

Puzzling Message of the Week — Straight from the DNC

PPPS (Littleton)—As a fair and balanced news service, we are quite reticent to criticize either political party, especially the one that was first to nominate and elect an African-American president.  But there are times when even the most successful of promotional powerhouses, the Democratic Party, produces a  political message that do you say it?...... puzzling.

A frequent contributor, Citizen Pete, sent us this message and offer of a promotional bumper sticker that he recently received from Patrick Gaspard, Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee:
If you're proud to call yourself a Democrat, these stickers are a great way to show it off to the world.        
 (emphasis added)

No really.

We're not kidding.

Ok, you don't believe us, here is the full letter.  

Just click to enlarge it. 
And to order your own sticker, click here.

Additional Note: After receiving Pete's letter, we went ahead and ordered a bumper sticker. And, even though the letter says "Get your free sticker today." the web site says "Look for it to arrive in about  four to six weeks."

Now, our question is this: Do you really want people who can't print up and mail you a bumper sticker in something less than "four to six weeks" running our country? 

Update: June 5, 2012: Well the bumper sticker(s) finally arrived sometime between May 23 and June 1 (only check mail about once a week), so that would put it at 8 to 9 weeks. Not bad for a promise of "four to six weeks."  Plus, they sent us two in separate envelopes (we only ordered one) - thus the campaign is timely, well organized and cost efficient.  Don't know about you, but Obama has my vote. Let's move forward


  1. Thanks citizen Pete. I'll order mine today

  2. I'm getting a bumper sticker that says:

    Not an A$$


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