Friday, March 9, 2012

Rumor of Green Energy Project Protest in Colorado

PPPS (Lakewood)—Our undercover correspondent, Progressive Pete, has intercepted a disturbing Tea Party group post with subtle hints of a plan to protest a green energy project located in this quiet suburb west of Denver on Saturday.

The target of the protest appears to be the celebrated Denver Federal Center Solar Panel Park, which was built at a low cost of only $40 million in Stimulus funds and will pay for itself in as little as 30–50 years, well within the industry standard of 2–3 times the useful life of a solar panel, and only 10–20 times the life of a government-backed solar panel company.

The puzzling message the group is purported to be posting?


The protest message may include an obscure reference to the recent denial by President Obama of a permit for the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada and yesterday's Senate vote to cut off the privately funded, job-creating, gas-price-lowering project.

It remains to be seen whether this protest will have any effect on the national energy policy conversation.

Of note: this rumored protest is remarkably similar to a protest three weeks ago. PPPS staff are vigorously pursuing the story of a potential link to the illusive Bridge to Nowhere Tea Party.


  1. Hi Pete!

    " for itself in as little as 30–50 years, well within the industry standard of 2–3 times the useful life of a solar panel,..."

    Actually, most reputable solar panel manufacturers offer a 25 year warranty to 80% of rated power. Solar panels produced in the 1950's are still generating power

    1. Anonymous - Liked your comment. But you need to stand by your opinion with some facts. Send me a link to that claim, and we'll consider posting it, as long as it doesn't interfere with our well-crafted, fair and balanced message intended to make fun of things.
      God bless ya.

    2. Anonymous (#1),
      Good points. 25 years is < 30-50 years still. Now the life expectancy is the point at which 50% are gone right? How many of those solar panels from the 50’s are around? Far less than 50% of the 50’s cars are around. And of those solar panels, what are their efficiency both new and 50-60 years old? Maybe 2% new and < 1% now?

  2. In a word it seems very funny and interesting plan to protest Green Energy Project. I didn't understand the significance reason of it- only low cost or paying duration?


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