Monday, April 16, 2012

David Axelrod on FOX News Sunday Reminds Reader of Past Encounter

PPPS (Littleton)—Our loyal reader and sometimes contributor, Citizen Pete, sent us a note after viewing Chris Wallace's interview with David Axelrod on FOX News Sunday.

Dear Editor,

Watching David Axelrod on FOX News Sunday brought back fond memories of when I debated him last June. 

I can certainly sympathize with Chris Wallace trying to get a word in edgewise once Axelrod gets rolling. 

But I got in a few. Axelrod is good, but no match for Citizen Pete.

Your loyal reader,
Citizen Pete

Here is a link to our interview with Citizen Pete about his debate with David Axelrod, former Senior Adviser to the President and current Obama campaign spokesman.

And here are links about the FOX News Sunday Interview which focus on Axelrod's now famous faux pas, where he appeared to endorse Mitt Romney's solution for the economy.
FOX News
Washington Post
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UPDATE June 17, 2012 — An Analysis of the Axelrod Fauz Pas from Master Axelrod Debater, Citizen Pete

David Axelrod is a master of spin and perfecter of the "astroturf" method of political persuasion, but when he gets rolling, sometimes his mouth gets out ahead of his brain. That was certainly the case on FOX News Sunday.

The funny part is that Axlerod's faux pas came not when Chris Wallace was challenging him or trying (vainly) to interrupt and redirect the conversation, but when he offered him the softball question at the end - here you go, I'm setting you up, summarize your best talking point on what this election is all about from your candidate's perspective.

I think that Axelrod's mind is wired (especially when doing a FOX News interview) to respond to a question in this way:
  1. first, deflect away from or deny the truth posed in the question,
  2. then quickly drop a subtle untruth or two designed to set up for......
  3. the full offensive based on a new bold fresh lie,
  4. then, finish with a barrage of unrelated talking points before the host can regain control.
Chris Wallace's closing, straight forward "tell me what you want us to hear" question threw him off his game. Axlerod simply could not shift gears fast enough. And Wallace just sat back and smiled. 

I liken it to "pulling the chair" on an NBA big man down under the basket. Way to go Chris!


  1. I think you're my 'evil' twin. I should ask why don't you have a goatee? (oops, I just did)But then, maybe I should have one.

    Actually, we do kind of look alike in more than one way. We seem to have the same sense of humor also, though perhaps not the same political views.

    I was about to use Pundit Pete as my blogger moniker, but alas I will have to keep trying to think of one (the hardest part of creating a blog).

    In any case, I'm glad my (your) alter ego is a nice guy.

    God bless :)
    Peter Fox

    p.s. I took the email address recently, before I knew about your blog, but you can have it if you wish. Now that I know a Pundit Pete exists already, I will create a new one and discard that one, if I can figure out how -- never tried to disable or remove a web-based email account before. :\

    1. Peter Fox, or Pete.....can I call you Pete? (oops, I just did)

      Thank you for your very interesting comment. It is encouraging to find that at least one of our readers has a sense of humor. Perhaps you are my twin. You would not believe some of the comments we get....let's just say Pious Pete keeps very busy.

      Regarding your blogger moniker, we appreciate your willingness to use another name. I've consulted with one of our staff, our Chief Plagiarist, Pilferer Pete, who is pretty good at this sort of thing. Pete had the following suggestions:

      FOX News
      FOX News Channel
      Pete's FOX News Channel
      Pete's Wicked tALEs

      If you choose one of these suggested monikers, be sure to properly credit Pilferer Pete on your blog.

      Thank you for the offer of use of the email address. That was quite generous of you. Let us know if you successfully decommission it. Otherwise, we could just redirect the comments that Pious Pete rejects to that address.

      From one nice Pete to another, God bless.

      Peter Boddie, "Pundit Pete"

      cc: Pleader Pete, staff attorney.

    2. LOL @ the FOX News suggestion. I should have thought of that one!

      I was thinking more along the lines of Pete's Spin-free Zone, but was worried about trademark issues with the SFZ part. What does Pleader Pete advise on that front (back)?

      W/R to the FoxNews Blogspot subdomain, however, if it were available, someone might think I am conservative, at least before reading my blog ;)

      Actually, I am liberally conservative...or is it conservatively liberal? I'll get back to you.

      Yes, you may call me Pete. My friends do :)

      I was able to disable/delete earlier today. I had only intended to use this email account with blogspot, but since my friend Pragmatic Pete objected, if only after noting Pleader Pete's proclamations, I agreed to cease and desist.

      God bless,
      Pete (from/to Pete)

    3. Pete -

      I consulted with our attorney, Pleader Pete, regarding your thought of naming your blog "Pete's Spin-Free Zone."

      His advise (which he asked me not to put in writing) went something like this: "It's better to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission. And if that advice proves wrong, you can always hire an attorney to help you out."

      In any case, your question reminded me that Pleader Pete was going to obtain a trademark for the Pundit Pete moniker, but I don't think he's done that yet. The last time I spoke with him about it, he mentioned needing a retainer, which for a guy with a perfect smile, was a little puzzling.

      It's certainly been a pleasure to engage in conversation with another Pete. Again, I appreciate the offer of the punditpete@gmail account, which I believe will be a valuable asset. I would be happy to compensate you for that, but at the moment I'm still awaiting for a promised contribution from Philanthropist Pete to clear our bank (see July 25, 2011 post).

      I look forward to following your blog. Please let me know when you have it up. You can post a note here, or email me pete at punditpete dot com.

      God bless,
      the Other Pete

    4. Finally settled on of an amalgam of Fox News and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Now, that's got to be a volatile mix! I'd better tread lightly, else half of the net may explode.

      God bless, Pete
      -- pete

  2. Haha -- I think maybe I've met Pleader Pete. At least the person of whom I'm thinking has a perfect smile, sort of cheshire-cat-like ;)

    I can identify with funds and banks as well -- well, with lack of funds because of banks :)

    God bless, Pete,


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