Friday, May 4, 2012

President Obama Set to Kickoff Performance of Executive Duties Today

President Obama cutting waste in Senate-passed budget.
PPPS (Washington)—Presidential spokesman Jay Carney announced that President Obama is set to formally begin performing his Executive Duties as of noon today.

This announcement came in response to questions posed by several members of the White House Press Corps regarding a revised White House schedule which appeared to replace some of  the President's previously scheduled golf outings, vacation planning, and fundraising dinner events with a notation "scheduled time working in Oval Office."

A team of PPPS reporters and researchers, led by chief White House Correspondent Political Beat Pete, is currently pouring over a mountain of White House logs and scheduling data to determine if this Friday afternoon will in fact be the first instance of the President Obama performing his official executive duties since his inauguration in January, 2009.

Speaker of the House John Boehner
In a cynical, partisan response, radical Republican Speaker of the House, John Beohner told reporters, "It sounds more like a photo op for the President's campaign, which by the way, is "formally" beginning tomorrow, even though by all accounts, it never ended after the last election."

In response to a follow up question regarding what the President's duties might entail, Carney told the assembled press corps, "The President has a number of important goals for today, including cutting the deficit in half and going through the recently passed Senate budget line by line to reduce waste."

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  1. Pete, it is amazing what they can do with photoshop these days. They were able to take him adding up his golf score and make it look like he is actually working.

    Slacker Steve


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