Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Week In Tweets

PPPS (Littleton)—Given the warm spring weather here in Colorado, and the noticeable absence of staff on Friday, we decided sum up the week's news with tweets.

Last week ended, and this week began, with an awkward video and a recorded conversation, both of which touched upon the subject of race. Reactions were swift in the national media and from certain sectors of society, such as the long abused millionares in the National Basketball Association.

By the end of the week, however, passions seemed to have sorted themselves out a bit, and we came across this interesting set of tweets, the first of which we recommend as a good conversation starter .....

and this one we recommend to our readers as guide to help interpret news involving this sensitive subject.

Of course, being the end of the month, economic news was bound to work its way into the national conversation. The news was not good.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that first quarter 2014 GDP growth was a pitiful 0.1 percent, and on Friday, employment figures indicated the worst labor participation rate since 1978. 
However, even in the midst of disappointing news, there is usually a bright spot.

A few news organizations tried to raise questions about a certain memo associated with a big non-story, which had long ago been put to bed. It caused a minor stir in the White House Press Room and the most uncomfortable few minutes for Press Secretary Jay Carney since the last time Citizen Pete was there.

But, the issue was quickly resolved, as indicated by this tweet.

As the week ended, there were rumors that the Republicans, in a desperate attempt to keep the Benghazi story alive, were going to commission some sort of investigation.

We are confident, however, that next week, the news will return to more comfortable subjects like Obamacare and politics, as evidenced by this end-of-week tweet. 

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