Friday, November 13, 2015

An Alternative to the Million Student March

PPPS (Littleton)—This tweet is the absolute best response to demands for free tuition at Mizzou and other campus protests around the nation.

Click to enlarge. Original tweet below.

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  1. Three of our children have joined the military to help pay for college. Isn't that the American Way? Or am I just old-fashioned? If so, thank God for that, these new-fashioned Americans needed to be shipped over to North Korea, China and Russia to see how free stuff works in the real world. If they want free stuff go to the country that offers it and leave our the heck alone!!

  2. No Rozy, you're not old fashioned. You and your husband are just good parents who taught your children good values. How many of the mizzou marxists would even think of the military as not only a way to pay back their country for the freedom to bash it but also as a way to pay college tuition without sticking their hands out to demand that other people pay their bills.
    On my behalf please thank them for their service and I thank you for unknowingly reminding that their still is some hope left for the future of our once great republic. Families like yours is what will make it great once again


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