Thursday, November 12, 2015

Smearing Dr. Carson - Has the Left Gone Too Far?

PPPS (Washington DC)—Even as legitimate news organizations (CNN, Politico, PPPS) are seriously questioning some of GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson's biographical embellishments, there have also been a few stories and accusations which are, let us say, questionable.

Radical extremist Right-Wing news organizations have responded in defense of the good doctor, labeling news coverage and opposition political ads as part of a smear campaign, and even claiming that some of the news stories reflect a Left-Wing bias.

We were recently approached by an organization to post this paid advertisement on our news blog. PPPS has a strict policy against accepting money for political ads, but we also thought we would let our readers decide the question:

Has the Left gone too far?

Members of our PPPS investigative team are currently all in Germany working on another story, but look for updates as we investigate political committees such as the Progressive Plantation Protection Project. 

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  1. He couldn't be any worse the the Great Uniter in office currently. Perhaps the reverse psychology phenomenon could work here.


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