Monday, November 18, 2019

Practical Pete's Tools of Politics Quiz

PPPS(Littleton)—In the interest of furthering the understanding and the practice of the art of politics, we commissioned our own PPPS Advice Columnist, Practical Pete, to write a book on the Tools of Politics in America.

Pete's book, soon to be released, will be titled:


A practical guide to winning power at all costs 

by Practical Pete


As part of his research for the book, Practical Pete developed a  political quiz which was administered to several focus groups consisting of PPPS low-information readers who self-selected by responding to a reader survey. The results of the survey and focus group sessions were used in evaluating the most practical tools of politics to be included in the book. We anticipate that Pete's book and the associated Tools of Politics Quiz may form the basis for instruction in political science at several leading universities, Ivy League schools in particular.

As a kind of teaser, prior to official release of Pete's book, here is a sampling of a few of the Tools of Politics Quiz questions used in Pete's research. See how you do.

(click to enlarge - answers provided below)

(click to enlarge - answers provided below)

(click to enlarge - answers provided below)
Editor's Note: We have been assisted in the funding of this book project by generous matching grants from the Soros Family Trust and the Make America Socialist Society (MASS).


QUESTION 16: D        QUESTION 27: D        QUESTION 31: D

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