Friday, October 16, 2020

Is There a Biden Privilege?

PPPS (Kiev)—Given the recent news coverage, or lack thereof, we are beginning to wonder if our future President, Joe Biden, and his family, including his son Hunter Biden, may not enjoy certain privileges that the rest of us do not.

While researching this question, a difficult task because many links to the Biden family kept disappearing, we came across this graphic located on the hard drive of a laptop mysteriously left at the PPPS headquarters some months ago. Our IT guy, Platte River Pete was about to strip the laptop of valuable recyclables when he realized that the initials HB etched onto the back of laptop could have some bearing on the Biden family research. At that point, he handed the laptop over to our chief investigative reporter, Poirot Pete.

This is just one of many graphic images that Pete found on the laptop.

Editor's Disclaimer: PPPS, its employees and affiliates, are not responsible for the contents of random laptops left on our premises. Furthermore, if pressed on this issue, we will arrange for Facebook, Google and Twitter to eliminate all references, links and follow-up articles connected to this post. If further pressed, we will turn over the subject laptop, and all of its contents, to an appropriate trustworthy and independent authority such as the Democrat Party or the FBI.

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