Friday, August 20, 2021

Biden Unleashes New Afghanistan Strategy

PPPS (Camp David, MD)—In response to mild criticism from the press and the international community, the Biden Administration today unleashed a new strategy to repatriate American citizens and others currently held hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The strategy was unveiled by Dr. Jill Biden, on behalf of President Joe Biden, at a video press conference today from Camp David, the presidential retreat where the couple are currently vacationing. The President's only participation in the press conference was to briefly help hold up a sign. No follow-up questions were allowed.

The strategy, as explained by Dr. Biden, was to appeal to the Taliban via their huge following on Twitter. "You don't accomplish goals or conduct diplomacy with mean tweets" she added, presumably referring to former President Trump, who has been banned from Twitter.

Many in the press are dubbing it a brilliant social media coup, in stark contrast to the failed military and diplomatic efforts originally conceived by the Trump Administration to safely extricate the U.S. from Afghanistan.

For her part, Dr. Biden graciously shared credit for the strategy with former First Lady Michelle Obama, who had previously conducted a successful "hashtag campaign" on behalf of another group of hostages several years ago.

For those unable to watch the full news conference, PPPS has created this brief summary, including a screen shot of the vacationing couple with their sign for the campaign using the hashtag #PleaseLetThemLeave.


  1. This is NUTS!
    I'd like to create a hashtag #PleaseJustLeave directed to the Bidens.

  2. Anonymous (if that is your real name) -

    We just report the news, without opinion or spin, but strictly 0ff-the-record, I tend to agree with your succinct opinion.

    As to your own hashtag idea, I'm not sure it is advisable ask a President to just step down while the nation is in the midst of dealing with so many issues: Afghanistan, an out-of-control southern border, drug trafficking, human trafficking, sex trafficking, the Wuhan virus, inflation, crime, riots, murders, insurrection, energy job losses, loss of energy independence, bankrupt small business', clams of rampant racism and white supremacy, school closures, mask mandates, big tech censorship, unequal justice and application of laws, election fraud, corrupt government, corrupt press, corrupt leaders and their offspring, corrupt corporations, a corrupt entertainment industry, a corrupt education system, and a general loss of freedom.

    1. Yikes! Your list is so depressing!



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