Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An Apology to Our Readers

PPPS (Denver & Washington, DC) Some of you may have wondered about the two-month hiatus in stories posted on this site, and a few of you, unfortunately, may have briefly been tweeted to some uncomfortable content during that period. We sincerely apologize.

Beginning in early April, all of our editorial staff and correspondents were posted to London to cover the Royal Wedding. This was the first time that the Pundit Pete Press Service had attempted coverage of such an important international event entirely from a remote location.

Unfortunately, certain technical and logistical problems were encountered, including the apparent hacking of our web site and Twitter accounts by an unknown person or organization. Several of our stories were compromised and had to be removed, including behind-the-scenes coverage of the Royal Family by our own, award-winning, Chief UK Correspondent, Pompous Pete. We are diligently working to re post those stories for the benefit of our faithful readers.

We will also be re posting our Editor-In-Chief Pundit Pete's in-depth article about his golf outing and exclusive interview with President Obama, as well as continued coverage of the Arab

@ Promiscuous Pete
     Pundit Pete
AW - got jingle f/y re-election "OH I WISH I WERE AN OSCAR-MAYER WEINER..." # liked last photo - here's 1 of me 
2 minutes ago via web                                                                                                                            
and, while at first we suspected that someone on staff may have been responsible, we have since ruled out that possibility, and our IT staff have now successfully blocked the hacker. We continue to vigorously pursue the identity of the hacker(s), including the prospect for prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience to our readers and thank you for your patience.  - The Staff

 Note: Photo of Royal Wedding (AP Photo/Dave Thompson, Pool) from Oregon.live web site.

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