Friday, June 10, 2011

Pundit Pete Weighs In On Palin E-mails

Note to our readers: Our esteemed leader and Editor-in-Chief, Pundit Pete, who is usually recognized as the smartest person in any room, skillfully directs operations at the Pundit Pete Press Service, but only occasionally offers up his official opinions on these pages. As those who know him well can attest, Pundit Pete operates at an intellectual level so far above the rest of us, that we often have no idea what he is talking about. However, on rare occasions, Pete will decide that an issue is so compelling, or that he has a prediction so prescient, that he insists on communicating directly with our loyal readers. On those rare occasions, we grant him access to this blog and a temporary password and let him opine. This is one of those occasions. 

To our readers - a message from Pundit Pete.

Recent news events have been replete with talk of E-mail Treats and Twitter Tweets.
On the subject of E-mail Treats, I have noticed a certain excitement revolving around today's release of some 24,000 e-mail documents from the former Palin administration.

Now, I am typically loath to criticize our esteemed colleagues at the New York Times or the Washington Post, but I do question their zeal in opening up old boxes of correspondence. (WP - do you really need to assign 8 reporters to this story?)

Again, I am not one to pass judgement, but I am beginning to think that they don't like Sarah Palin. Is it possible for them to have compromised their otherwise unassailable objectivity in reporting the news about presidential politics?

My own observations on the content of the emails gained from five minutes of perusing on the NYT web site:
  1. Sarah can write in complete sentences. In fact she writes pretty darn well for someone of such limited intellect and education.
  2. Sarah can multi-task and converse on numerous subjects, even when she is out of town, say running for Vice President, or having a child, etc.
  3. Sarah likes and trusts her staff and is encouraging to them.
  4. Sarah is up to speed on a surprising number of subjects for someone who has never read a newspaper.
  5. Sarah had reason to be mistrusting of the media from the moment she was announced a VP candidate.
  6. Sarah put her state and citizens first, and worked her a** off for them.
One other interesting note: although some of the content in the emails has been redacted, the Palins made no such request.

Mark my words. 

This whole exciting exercise is going to backfire.  The emails will come back to haunt........... the liberal media.

Everyone should take a few minutes to read through some of the Palin emails. It would surprise me greatly if your opinion of Sarah Palin does not trend more positively as a result.

On the subject of Twitter Tweets, I state categorically that I have never met Anthony Weiner and that I have no relationship with Promiscuous Pete, who is at most a distant cousin. As to certain postings of a photographic nature, I am willing to submit to a TSA scan or pat down at any time, if that will settle the matter and clear up with certitude certain rumors circulating in the blogosphere.

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